Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rush Hour Drivers Witness Florescent Green UFO in Boston MA

Green UFO
Reader Submitted Report

     Hi Frank,

I've been periodically looking into an experience I had in the Boston, MA area. This videa from 2007 shows an example of what I, and many others saw, sometime between 1992 - 1994. I like to say it was the Fall of 1993 because it was dark and it was sometime between 5 - 6pm. But it's been a really long time. I only lived there from Sept 1992 - Feb 1994 while working as the Xxxxxxxxx for the Ted Williams Tunnel.

I was driving around dusk on a weekday. I was headed back into the city from the south/east. This object was just mosing along headed on a north/northeast direction. No fancy moves or excessive speed. No pusing, just florescent green, like a glowstick, and round. It wasn't very high in the sky. It was probably no bigger that a commercial airliner. People started to call the radio station, I can't remember which one. I listened mainly to 107.3 and 104.1. The DJ thought the first caller was pulling his chain. So, the DJ made an on air request for people to call in to confirm the original caller's claim. It was during the evening rush hour. Many people called in. Then the callers were put on the air. The people who saw it all asked the same question "What is it?" Callers were tracking it up Rte 93.

The following day, another caller called in to say that they witnessed a convoy of black vehicles; SUV's, car, and either a tractor trailer or a tanker. I can't remember but I think it was a tanker. They were seen headed north in the Wakefield area. I think they were spotted leaving the area two days later. It's been a long time and can't recall what happened post sighting.

I've looked all over the internet to get history on this story to back up my claim. No such luck. But, maybe if some reads this, you'll get more information.

I saw the History Channel's I Know What I Saw this morning. It was excellent! I have a great theory on what aliens are. I'm guessing you could get some very smart people to proved proof of my theory. If you's like to know more, please contact me.

Have a great day!

Keep Smilin'

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