Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Secrets of The Future Today: Watching The Skies for UFOs


  1. Theres that phrase again...
    "So..are you a believer?"

    It'always packaged the same way, which is why I'm one who refers to it all as professional Psyops. They've had years to hone it -to be presented the way that it is. Thats just my opinion.

  2. Mornin' Bob,

    This morning's Today Show piece shown above is what we've come to expect from the MSM! This flapdoodle is and has been the status quo for decades!

    Not obvious to the layperson, or perhaps the younger viewers (as you noted) is the injection of the description, "true believers!" (In the very first sentence no less). Immediately, painting the subject matter as a "faith-based topic!" (ad nauseam!) To add to the "misrepresentation," they combine the "audio" with visual aids from "science fiction movies," further adding a "mythos" element to the phenomenon.

    Then adding insult to injury the meld important, slient minutiae i.e., the Nick Poe segment, the Edgar Mitchell piece along with the expose of the MoD's previously secret UFO documents, one concerning the "shoot down orders" during a UFO encounter!

    This conflation only confuses the layperson to the subject matter, and is misleading at the least, and "disinformation" in the worst case scenario!

    Stand by for an editorial . . .



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