Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Thought It Was An Airplane That Had Exploded . . ."

UFO Airborne Crash
Reader Submitted Report

     Several years ago, around the year 2000 or 2001, I saw two UFOs in Fayetteville, North Carolina. They were visible for approximately 20 minutes. The first one I saw, I thought it was an airplane that had exploded in the air and was crashing because it looked like a glowing fireball. But then it flew back up in the sky, so I knew it wasn't something that was crashing. It began to fly around the sky in various different patterns at varying could fly pretty much however it wanted to fly. Eventually, I saw a second one appear and it behaved just like the first one. I called a friend that lived nearby and told him to go out and look. He saw one of them too. I decided to drive over his house while keeping an eye on them, but on my way to his house, they eventually flew out of sight.

So here's a few other points of interest. Fort Bragg is nearby, but the UFOs mostly flew around in the opposite direction of the base. Me and my friend called a 911 operator to see if anyone had reported any strange lights in the sky, but she said no. She suggested that it might be paratroopers doing practice jumps at Fort Bragg....but this wouldn't have been what we saw. Paratroopers do practice jumps at Fort Bragg all the time...that is nothing unusual. These UFOs were also larger than a person, and paratroopers dont glow like orange fireballs. Paratroopers can't fly either....they fall. It was difficult to determine how far away the UFOs were, but at one point, one of them flew behind some clouds on the they were apparently pretty far away. Visibly, they appeared to be about third or quarter the size of a full moon in sky. But since I don't know how far away they really were, it's hard to know how large the objects actually were. They just appeared to be big glowing fireballs flying around the sky.

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