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Was there Really a UFO Crash in Cave Creek?

Was there Really a UFO Crash in Cave Creek

Carefree Times gets a taste of the X-Files

By Preston Westmoreland
The Carefree Times Blog
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Preston Westmoreland     Don't think that we're losing it here at the Carefree Times and watching too many X-Files, but this story has been kicking around since October of 1947 and always makes a good Halloween tale. . . .

Several years ago, a grizzled miner came up to me one night in Cave Creek, after I emceed a "Meet the Candidates" forum, and what he said shocked me. .I only knew this man as "Pete the Miner" who worked the famous Mistress Mine near Seven Springs. "You're not going to believe this," he said, "but a friend of mine watched some government agents back in the late 1940's, recover and truck away wreckage of what looked like a flying saucer. He told me to look it up in the book by Timothy Good "Above Top Secret." Sure enough, on page 394, there it was, a description of a UFO crash just south of the present-day Carefree Highway. So the story goes, the Cave Creek landfill was placed there to cover the site. The landfill is closed now.

Cave Creek Landfill
Debris along with dirt were trucked down to be placed in the Dreamy Draw Dam along Northern Avenue, a dam that many experts say was never necessary, and finally, Cave Creek Road was "bent" or aligned further to the east.

Frances Barwood I was equally astonished when I told then Phoenix city-councilwoman Francis Barwood about this and she decided to investigate. She called me soon afterwards to tell me that many of the records involving whatever had happened were no longer available or had been destroyed! There were markings on the old quadrangle map that showed the alignment for Cave Creek Road moved, an alignment that would have taken it toward the crash site.

Selman GravesDecide for yourself; watch the rare interview above, done by Mufon, with the last surviving witness, Paradise Valley businessman and pilot Selmon Graves, who has since passed away. As a young man, he was the one sitting by the Go John Mine, watching what must have been an incredible sight.

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