Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Russian Navy Has Released New Data on UFOs

USO Emerging From Ocean
By Mosnews.com

     The former chief commander of the Soviet Navy has revealed information on UFOs that until recently had been secret. The Soviet Navy had so many encounters with mysterious objects raising from or diving into the ocean that a special analytic group was set to make weekly reports to the naval commander-in-chief. The Russian website Free Press (svpressa.ru) interviewed that officer on July 16.

Vladimir N. Chernavin, 81, was the chief commander of the Soviet Navy and deputy minister of defense of the USSR from 1985 to 1992. He is the recipient of several high Soviet and Russian state honors. The material he presented is peppered with the names of other distinguished Soviet naval officers. Some of those officers have spoken before about their knowledge of UFOs, but others are being publicly associated with the phenomenon for the first time.

Among the information Chernavin revealed are these statistics provided by former naval captain of the first rank Vladimir Azhazha: “Fifty percent of meetings with UFOs are connected with the ocean, and 15 percent with lakes.” Forty-four percent of cases have been recorded in the Atlantic Ocean, 16 percent in the Pacific, 10 percent in the Mediterranean Sea.

Azhazha also recounted an incident in the Pacific Ocean, when a Russian submarine was pursued by six unidentified objects, which emerged from the water and took flight after the submarine surfaced to evade them.

Azhazha is the author of dozens of books and articles on UFOs. He was the captain of the experimental submarine Severyanka in the 1960s and has recounted his experiences with unidentified objects under water before.

Former rear admiral and nuclear submarine commander Yury Beketov is quoted describing events that occurred in the Bermuda Triangle. “We repeatedly observed that the instruments detected the movements of material objects at unimaginable speed, around 230 knots (400 km. per hour [250 m.p.h.]). It’s hard to reach that speed on the surface – only in the air [is it readily possible]… The beings that created those material objects significantly exceed us in development.”

Naval intelligence expert and captain for the first rank Igor Barklay noted that the unidentified objects were most often spotted in deep water near where military forces are concentrated – off the Bahamas, Bermuda, Puerto Rico and the east coast of the United States.

Unexplained activity in Lake Baikal is also recorded. In 1982, divers on a training exercise encountered swimmers in silver outfits with no visible breathing apparatus. They were at a depth of 50 meters (164 feet). Three people died trying to pursue the mysterious swimmers.

The link between UFOs and the ocean has been noted before, Capt. Vladimir Prikhodko commented on the information. He noted that American naval forces have also had experiences with rapidly-moving objects underwater and above it in the Caribbean Sea and elsewhere.

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