Friday, July 10, 2009

Huge Shiny Disk Like Object Hovers Over Resort Town, Mesmerizing Local Residents and Tourists!

Flying Disc Over Majorca
UFO sighting early 1990’s in Majorca, Meditaranian Island resort.

Reader Submitted Report

     I never believed in flying saucers and certainly not in extra terrestrial life. I was a soldier in the British Army for 4 years and believed everything had a logical explanation. My job consisted of working with the RAF, so I had exposure to the military arsenal of fighters jets used in combat.

However, my views were challenged in the most unlikely places and during complete daylight, in the Majorcan town of Magaluf on holiday with my partner. Several hundreds, if not thousands of people who watched in amazement and took photos and videos of my first and last ever sighting of a UFO witnessed the whole event.

We were eating in a beach side restaurant early evening around 7pm, when crowds started to gather and stare at the blue clear skies above. We too stood up to see what was going on in the street…what I can only describe as a shiny disk like object was seemingly stationary in the sky. Its diameter was something comparable to a Boeing 737 jet and hovering at the height I would imagine a police helicopter would fly when giving chase. At first I thought it was a prank from a hot air balloon holding a large disk underneath, but it was just too big. The hovering lasted for approx 5-10 mins and brought the local town to a stand still as spectators, including the local police stared into the sky.

We thought that was weird, but what followed made everyone noticeably gasp in astonishment…

It moved, silently a short distance sideways before accelerating at what can only be described as lightening fast and without sound, towards the mountains on the horizon. We could still see the object reflecting the sun form its silver like undercarriage some miles over the mountain range. At this pint, it then flew almost vertical into the sky and disappeared.

This was a night like no other I have encountered – it was the talking point of the night.

At 10pm, the power in Magaluf shut down, bringing the whole town to an eerie silence and to almost complete darkness, other from the odd bar with a generator backup. Very soon after, The Police were advising people to walk back on the main roads to their hotels to avoid muggings etc….

After some time sitting in the hotel bar, our holiday rep met us to discuss the events of the night. She advised us her colleagues based in other towns on the Island of Majorca has also witnessed or heard of a flying disk AND their local towns has also suffered a power failure. This was becoming a very strange night indeed.

We moved on back to our hotel balcony to play a game of cards with friends and chatted about the bizarre evening. The power was restored around 4am.

As we walked into the town for breakfast, we noticed the newsstand has the local Spanish paper headlines as UFO – We can’t read Spanish, but we understand the storyline.

When Returned form holiday, I spent many a night trawling the early and slow Internet for information about UFO’s. To my dismay, the majority of sightings were lights in the night sky. Mine and many other witnesses to this event were in clear blue skies in a major holiday resort, yet I have only ever seen one witness video of the events of that holiday.

Several years later, I worked with a chap who was dating a mixed British/Spanish girl. I met her in restaurant after one of our jobs I Birmingham England. She told me her Spanish mother and English Father raised her in Majorca. She moved to England to study at Uni etc…. I don’t tell many people the UFO story, as they generally think your nuts (like I did years back I guess). I felt compounded to tell her, expecting a roar of laughter in response. How wrong I was; I started to introduce the story and she cut me short by saying – “you saw a UFO didn’t you?” I said, “How did you know that?” She responded, by telling me her mother sees them all the time in Majorca!!

Anyway, I’d love to find out what these UFO’s are and why they are flying in certain places. This lady claims they are seen all the time in Majorca – why…it’s a holiday resort and I doubt the Spanish air force have the know how or funding to create silent aircraft. In the early 90’s would the USA know how to build a silent disk that could fly from a standing start to phenomenal speeds without any sound??

I understand logic, but this is illogical

Perhaps someone can shed some light on this, or perhaps others may have experienced something similar and are as puzzled as I am.


  1. woah!.. dont u see when a ufo as big as a nearly a mother ship they apearing when there is not cam-recorder?!... when filming orbs from far a way seems posible but clear-near object is imposible!?... its like they know! in some point.

  2. I had a similar story like yours.


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