Friday, June 12, 2009

MIKE FORTSON: "He’s One of the Best Speakers I Personally Have had the Pleasure of Inviting to Speak Before the Organization"

Mike Fortson & Phoenix MUFON
Review of Last Month's Phoenix MUFON Meeting

By Jim Mann & Stacey Wright
MUFON State Section Directors
Maricopa County, AZ

     We had a good turn out for Mike Fortson. Our average meeting attendance is about 55 that is exactly how many showed up.

We sent out a survey two months prior asking those on our mailing list, tell us what they wanted to hear as topic of discussion at the meetings. The Phoenix UFO of March 13, 1997 came in last (bottom of the list). Guess most folks have had their fill of Phoenix Lights discussion. Never the less,,, we still had an average attendance at the May meeting.

After Mikes talk a different story!! Indeed we heard some of the best comments ever, great reviews, and positive remarks regarding the entire presentation.

Mike has a fire inside his heart and it rolled out of him. He’s one of the best speakers I personally have had the pleasure of inviting to speak before the organization.

Mike included Frances Barwood, Trig Johnson and Larry Lowe into his presentation. Each one of these individuals could be a separate talk in themselves, fascinating accounts each one. It did however limit Mike’s time in front of the group. We must have Mike back to finish what he did not have time for the first time. NEXT TIME IT WILL BE JUST MIKE.

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