Thursday, May 14, 2009

Glittering UFO Ejects Hot Metal Slag

My UFO Experience
Reader Submitted Report

      I live in Rathdrum Idaho and it was 7/31/07: 10:20 pm. very clear skies, with no cloud cover and not wearing glasses.

I was just star gazing, looking to the eastern horizon saw a bright white cigar shape do some extremely fast left and right movements then it decended to about 3000 ft. and came my direction extremely fast and then it was stationary and about 2 to 3miles out and the same elevation.

I had nothing to use for scale to say how large it may be but I saw really good details of it. It changed color from bright white to a glittering silver and yellow or gold color. Have you ever seen someone wear a glitter jacket on t.v. when the lights are on it? it was attractive to look at.

It started to get much brighter, as it did,what looked like welders slag began to drip off both ends of the object pretty evenly. As it got brighter more hot metal as it appeared was falling at least 100 ft. or more, cooling off before it reached the ground. This went on for 2 or 3 minutes. Then it grew dimmer and less hot metal fell till it stopped all together and then proceeded N.E. at a pace much slower than when it showed up till it was out of my sight.

I went in into my house and started to write down everything just as it happened to get it all correct. I did report it to MUFON and to NUFON. MUFON was the one very interested in it and sent me a report packet and I returned it.

I live in the country where theres no aircraft except small planes. The next night about 09:00 pm and for the next 5 nights, I saw a military twin prop with a round radar disc on top like the AWAK or PVY flying back and forth in the same area I saw the object for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours each night. eversince I have been hunting for the same type of story everywhere to better understand it. Ive only found 2 that help a little. 1 at maury just outside tocoma Wa. 1947 and Rendleshaw with colonal Holt"s story 1980 I think. If you know more about it or other sightings simular, I would greatly like better understanding.

My Father was in the Navy 30yrs as a ADJ-C ,and Ive seen alot of different aircraft, but nothing like this even close. Sorry I wrote a book here, I still get excited telling the story and promise you have the detailed truth as it unfolded.

Thankyou very much Mr. Warren for your time.

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