Tuesday, April 07, 2009

New Article on Area 51 Only Tells Half The Story

Area 51
By Norio Hayakawa

Norio Hayakawa     The latest article on Area 51 which appeared on L.A. Times on April 5, 2009 only addresses half of the story about Area 51, i.e., the significance of the base during the Cold War era.

Yes, we must not neglect the past and the sacrifices that our hard-working engineers and pilots made in order to maintain our technological superiority during those epoch.

As excellently written as it was, the article neglects to address the contemporary significance of the expanding complex at Groom Lake.

Today (as everyone knows by now) it is obvious from recent satellite imagery and other sources that Area 51 is expanding. There is a humongous new hangar which had been under construction at the South Ramp since 2007.

Not only has there been constructions of new water towers, more storage buildings, newer and shorter runways and taxiways but also what appears to be a significant, multi-functional tall tower which is clearly visible through satellite imagery.

There is no doubt that newer generations of remotely-controlled platforms (UAVs and UCAVs) are being tested, in addition to new generations of stealth technologies and other innovative programs.

Newer radar technologies and their applications are also becoming more diversified and important as ever at Area 51.

For the latest on what is happening at Area 51, one can consult the world's largest online resource on Area 51: www.dreamlandresort.com

Here is a very interesting item relating to ISIS (Integrated Sensor is the Structure), a topic which has been discussed recently among many aerospace watchers. Its possible relevance to Area 51 may become apparent.
This L.A. Times article appeared on March 13, 2009:


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