Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another Huge, Low Flying Craft Spotted Over Phoenix

My UFO Experience
Reader Submitted Report

     I was talking to Mike Fortson this evening. By the way my name is Xxx Xxxxxxxx. I reside in Toledo, Ohio. I have never talked about the UFO i saw on a hot summer night in Phoenix, Arizona. I am starting to talk about it now and also I am going to draw a picture of what I saw. I am a carpenter and have some engineering background.

I know what i saw and also the size of it. It also had railings all the way around it. The craft was huge but my minimum estimate is it was L shapped. The long part of the L was about 6 football fields long the short part of the L was about 200' long the depth was about 9-10' and it had a railing about 5' tall all the way around it. The railings had a light at every post all the way around the craft. The lights were like solar lights and were the color of solor lights. They seemed to be to give some light to the deck of the craft and not for avation or anything like that. The craft had NO MOTOR, No power noise of any kind it was just like it was smoothly glidding across the earth and it was right in front of my face like 100-150' above me moving to the south-east over phoenix.

I am going to draw a picture of it in the best detail i can and i am going to have a artist or someone color it in for me till i get it the best i can. This has been a awsome experience and i have held it in for many years as i thought no person would understand me. I also thought people would think i was crazy. At this time in my life I dont care what anyone says. I am going to draw it and share my experience with anyone that wants to know about it.

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