Thursday, March 26, 2009

New O'Hare Video: "Hoaxers are Getting Boring!"

Hoaxers are getting boring

By Billy Cox
De Void

Billy COx     Early this week, it appeared as if rumors of footage from the celebrated 11/7/06 UFO incident over Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport were about to be verified. Which would’ve been impressive, because this was the one that eyewitnesses claimed burned a round hole in the low cloud cover during its unhurried departure from the vicinity of the United Airlines terminal.

Unfortunately, even before you clicked on the sequence at, this one started barking like a dog. The video, slugged "Chicago O'Hare Airport UFO Witness Breaks His Silence,” was an anonymous post with this introduction: "I have sat on this evidence for over 2 years, mainly because of the nature of my background, if you knew who I was then you would understand.”

Hmm. Somebody extremely important, obviously. Barack Obama? Hot Rod Blogojevich?

Anyway, just for the hell of it, because even a broken clock is right twice a day, De Void asked Ted Roe to take a look. Roe was a member of the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena team that published a media-ignored analysis of that event at

Roe was skeptical from the first glaring inconsistency in the account, which stated the object was “well over 100 meters in length.” Roe said in an e-mail that none of the confirmed eyewitnesses “described it as gigantic or even large.”

There were numerous other problems, including the bluish sky on an overcast day, plus a lack of identifiable airport markers for context. Bottom line: “I don't see anything of technical value as there is no movement, no distortion or anything else of useful interest...I do think that this is a hoax and the person who is fronting it has dug himself a deep hole and will probably not come forward to defend it in public.”

Why is it that people with too much time on their hands always hoax UFOs? Why not show a little imagination and recreate leprechauns or gryphons or maybe even the return of the quagga?

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