Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Witness Tells of Recurring Encounters With Alien Beings

My UFO Experience
By Reader Submitted Report

     My experience goes back to 1968 when I was headed south from San Antonio, Texas on US Hwy 281. There were no expressways into San Antonio then as there are now, so the only way in was to use the Hwy 281 which still exists but no longer travelled much by cars. I'll keep this brief for now.

I saw what appeared to be a bright diamond like light about 10 miles south of the intersection of Hwy 281 and Loop 410. As I drove south toward it, which was also the way home to McAllen, Texas I came to where the UFO ship was on the west side on top of a hill. When I stopped, it slowly came down and hovered over my car for a few minutes and then crossed the highway to the other side of the road. I had to drive south for a short distance to find a crossover. When I headed back in the direction of San Antonio, it was hovering about 20 feet from the ground on the grass area.

I got out and walked under it and kept asking what they wanted or who they were. I did not remember seeing any beings until a later time, which I will tell you later. From the original position where it was first parked, it made a square pattern by crossing over the highway and then moving north about a block, then back to the original position and then back to crossing the highway again. I kept following it in my car and getting out, but as there was a full orange moon, I kept trying to use the moon to see the shape of the object, but it wouldn't let me.

After it finally went back to the top of the hill were it first was positioned, it headed west along the ridge and I was not able to drive in to the property, since there was a fence. I then headed back home not knowing what to thing of it. But this event is engraved in my mind 24/7.

I kept thinking that it was a great event, but since I did not have a camera or any other device, I do not have any physical evidence of the event.

Not until later around 1992, when I woke up after coming in through the wall when four ET greys were each along me as I floated facing the floor. My wife was asleep, and I was awake but could not talk. I kept asking her to wake up and could only make sounds which eventually woke her up, and as she sat up on the bed and looked in my direction, I was suddenly let go and landed hard on the floor. My wife came over to me and did not know or see what happened. I could not talk or breathe correctly and I headed to the bathroom to put water on my face and drink water so that I could feel my throat let the water go in.

As I looked up in the mirror, my neck and throat area was so enlarged that after the water was able to go down my throat, the swelling subsided and my neck became normal. I tried to explain to my wife what had just happened but as I found out later, she never beleived me and thought I was crazy. I did not discuss this with her anymore.

Because of this incident, I suddenly realized what had happened to me was real and the incident in San Antonio became clear and I remembered how there were two huge entities which looked like stone monuments in front of me when I kept asking what they wanted or who they were.

In short, that is my story which never went away and still troubles me because I have not had anyone to turn to to help me explain what happened to me. I don't know what your specific organization does, but I am ready to declare that my encounters are real and true. That is all I have for now. I hope you can be a friend and maybe help me help you bring out the truth that has been hidden by our government.


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