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MY UFO EXPERIENCE: New Witness Recounts His Father's Involvement with Roswell UFO Crash

Roswell Saucer
Reader Submitted Report
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My father passed about 6 years ago, my mother about 15 years prior to that.

He would not say too much, as I said, he was, or appeared scared or hesitant when it was brought up. The one time I was at the house, I answered the door, and two "suits" were there and asked for him. He came to the door, came back to me with concern, and asked to me to leave and come back in a couple of hours. I did, and asked who they were, and he said "government". When I pressed him, he put me in my place with a stern "none of your business".

Two times I was over at the house, once I answered the phone, and a voice asked for "Xxxx X Xxxxx", he went on the line, spoke nothing, but came back to the table very subdued. Once again, he told me to mind my own business. The other call I witnessed, was similar only he answered the call, and came to the front room the same way.

One time, after several beers, I once again asked him "Was there anything to the flying saucers at Roswell" (or something similar to that). He did not answer for a minute, and then looked up, and nodded his head, yes. I then asked were there any "little green men", and he looked at me, and held up three fingers. I asked him what could of became of them, and he said "Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx" When I pressed him, he said that he had said too much already, and went into the house.

My mother told me on a couple of occasions that he would have strange calls, and told her it was in reference to Roswell. In the months following 1947, he seemed to be more secretive.

I will look to see what I have. The last several years of his life, he became even more reclusive, and we did not speak much. I would like to know what you find out as to where he served, in what unit, etc. I remember that while at Xxxxxx Air Force base, he was in contact with a Colonel Xxxxx Xxxxxx (spelling might be wrong). We would go to the house and the two of them would be in behind closed doors quite a bit. I do not know if he had anything to do with Roswell, I just know that he did not have much to do with Officers, only him and he mentioned Major Marcel's name on occasion.

Let me know if you find out anything, I will talk with my sister, who is ten years older, to see if she remembers anything.


I thought you would like to know. I spoke to my sister last night about Roswell. It was the first time either of us have spoken much about it. She was born in 1938. She was 9 or 10 when the landing occurred. She remembers my dad coming home, covered with soot, or dirt, wild eyed, and saying something like "you can't believe what I saw". She also confirmed with me that he told her, at the time, there were three passengers and described them to her. He evidently loaded up the plane with the debris. He also described to her, the metallic substance, and the beams. She said he was top secret clearance, and one of the top XXXXs. She believes that he may of been in charge of the XXXXXX at the time.


  1. Hi there, My name is Rebecca Gant and i am producing an unpublished magazine as part of my university journalism course. This magazine is called paranormal planet, and is a compilation of my own work and the work of others. I was wondering how i could get in touch with the writer of this peice in order to gain permission to use it, and perhaps aquire a picture or two of the author to go with it.

    any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Good Day Becky,

    Thank you for you inquiry. At this time this case is under investigation and the author of the a fore mentioned missive wishes to remain anonymous.

    Frank Warren


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