Saturday, January 31, 2009

UPDATE:The Phoenix Lights: Former Air Force Man Comes Forward with Inside Information!

By Topol-M

"The likelihood of this being a civilian aircraft is nil IMHO."
     . . . I do believe there is far more to be told about this story, I also believe it is the single most credible event in recent history, simply due to the overwhelming evidence that something did occur that evening....

Regarding the reports of activity in the 8pm-9pm time frame, in all honesty, I was not present during that time, and the base showed no signs of outward alert. The only aircraft in the air at the time would have been a few F-16's returning from training missions. After 9pm, activity around the base picked up, mainly via air control radar, as reports of "something" in the skies were filtering in, however the scramble did not occur until much later.

In regards to Frank's question, an "Alert Klaxon" is basically an alert warning that goes off in ready-intercept quarters. Usually, most regular USAF installations in the US (especially those close to border areas), will have two aircraft in a "ready alert" posture, armed and ready to get airborne in a few minutes after the initial alarm is sounded. At Davis-Monthan in Tucson, F-16 units rotate in from around the nation (though a mainstay is the Montana ANG), taking over the alert role (prior to 9-11, this was mainly interdicting drug smuggling aircraft), Luke would also perform this role.

The alert aircraft being scrambled is not uncommon. Anytime a small aircraft that is unidentified violates southern Arizona airspace, and does not answer radio hails, we will scramble fighters to intercept and ID the "bogey". What was unusual about that night were the contact reports from the first flight, and a second scramble of two additional aircraft. This is simply unheard of in day to day intercepts. This was by no means one of those......

I don't know much about the "V" shaped aircraft sightings over Phoenix in the 8-9pm time frame, other than what I have read elsewhere. I did not witness this phenomenon personally, or talk with anyone who did. However, I do know that USAF aircraft were chasing down something that night they could not positively ID, either on radar, or visually. Massive electronic interference occurred, knocking out the F-16's BVR (Beyond Visual Range) capability, forcing the fighters to close at short-range. After brief contact, the "bogey" accelerated close to mach 2, and dashed south-southwest into Mexico.

The likelihood of this being a civilian aircraft is nil IMHO. The size of the object, electronic interference, and speed of mach 1.8 simply rules that out. If it was a military aircraft on a test run, then I would echo the sentiments of others, why test it over a major metropolitan area? Keeping the majority of the USAF in the dark, and causing a scramble to test stealth effects and jamming capabilities would make sense, however you can do that well away from a major population center, and be able to keep it quiet afterwards.

This.....well it simply does not have a rational explanation, and I am a VERY rational person. I don't go around looking for the unexplained, I deal with facts and tangibles. This event has left me mystified for nearly 12 years......

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