Thursday, January 15, 2009

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Witness Recounts V-Shaped UFO Near Moody Air Force Base

V-Shaped UFO Near Moody AFB
Reader Submitted Report

     My very close and very real experience took place in late December of 1978. The location was technically Valdosta, GA, the actual physical site was less than a 1/4 mile from the front gate of Moody Air Force Base.

The object was a dark (black) solid V (chevron shaped) metallic object. The object was solid and had rows of white colored light on each wing. There were no turbine engines or jet engines on the object. The white lights never dimmed or flashed out, but remained lit. The object was almost silent, it was dark, (kind of reflecting the dark night sky and ground) it did make noise but to this day i have no reference to what it sounded like.

The object moved slowly, perhaps at a speed between 10-20 miles per hour and was headed in the direction of Moody Air Force base and the object passed directly over head as i stood in a driveway (was shooting a basketball) when i looked up at the basket i saw the object.

The object traveled above the highway toward F4 fighter aircraft (Moody was a Tactical Air Command base in those days). I could hear the F4 Phantoms very well. The F4 aircraft were making there approach to the landing strip (counted a least 3-4 of them) descending for a landing. The V shaped object passed above the landing F4 aircraft. I don't know where the V shaped came from or who or what commandeered that craft, but if it was an Air Force plane, the pilot would have been busted and rifted to an airman for flying his craft into the path of other US government aircraft, and for endangering US Government property.

I believe the government knows more than it is letting on, perhaps the government is scared, perhaps the government is no longer in control of US air space. It's taken me 31 years to come to this conclusion, that being that our officals (elected and or choosen), are not the most intelligent or talented people, but they are in charge, and this is a mess and if they (government officals) are not in charge of the USA, then who is?

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  1. I Agree. In 1994, Me And 5 Others Witness The Same Thing, But This Was A Circular Object. No Sound Whatsoever. It Happen On The South Of Moody Air Force Base.


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