Saturday, January 24, 2009

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: "Small Creatures . . . Were Peering thru Small Porthole Style Windows" . . . Air Force Investigates!

UFO Sighted in Neighborhood at Lyons, Kansas 1963
Reader Submitted Report

In the summer of 1963, in Lyons, Kansas, around 930 p.m. two of my children, and the neighbor boy came rushing into the house to tell me what they had seen traveling about tree top level, down the street in front of the house, with small creatures that were peering outside, thru small porthole style windows. The craft was like a tiny bus, is how they described it.

I am able to date the year because when the children rushed in, I was feeding my youngest with a bottle of formula, and I told them to go back outside, and I would come immediately, to see what was going on. The younger child, I told to stay in the house and continue feeding the baby that I had lain down on the couch, and told her to not let the baby roll off. She did as told, and I immediately went outside and stood in the driveway, just looking in all directions for anything unusual in the air, accompanied by the 13 year old neighbor boy, and my 11 year old son. The neighbor boy and I were looking in the same direction, when I heard him gasp, and I was already looking at an object that silently was moving in a slightly descending trajectory, some distance from where we were standing. It was football shaped and was luminous, as if it was lighted all over from within. Like a silver opaque object, with no noise, that quickly disappeared behind trees which were in the area to the northeast of where we were standing.

This incident I reported to Blue Book Air Force authorities. In a few days an Air Force Officer knocked on my door, and introduced himself as having flown in from Denver, to take my report. He brought me forms from Blue Book to be filled out. He asked me if I held a dime at arms length, would the dime cover the object that I saw. I replied that it would, I thought.

I never did send the papers in, and run across them a few years ago, in some of my things. I think I still have them some place. I was given a little blue backed pamplet style booklet which I may still have, somewhere in my things that have been moved around so much over the ensuing years. That is the last that I have heard of this, but it is not the last encounter with an unidentified object.

About 10 years ago, a daughter, who was not even born when the above incident happened, saw a similar object pass by my home in the country, at Carneiro, Kansas. I was watching television, over an antennae reception system, and the television suddenly started switching channels, and turning itself off and back on. This was a grown daughter that saw the object that looked like a full moon that passed quickly near the house. A grown son was watching TV with me, and he did not see the moon type object either. This scared my daughter half to death. She lived down the road from my home about 250 feet, and it frightened her to think of staying at her home by herself, and it took some time for her to settle down over the incident. I did not report this to anyone, since I had come to the conclusion that our government was not interested in reports that other people have made over the years.

I want to make it clear that I do believe this earth is being visited by alien type beings. No, I don't consider myself as being a mental case, although I am nearly 77 years old, my mental faculties are working very well, as you should be able to tell from this communication with you.

I found you by looking on the net for other incidents that happened in 1963. I was curious as to what else was going on back then. One forgets. I KNOW THESE THINGS ARE REAL, I DO NOT KNOW WHERE THEY COME FROM, HOWEVER. This is NOT a figment of my imagination. I believe my daughter, too, since I saw what was happening to the television set, on the later incident that I have told you about. My daughter is a VERY TRUTHFUL PERSON, not prone to imagining something. Thanks for listening.

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