Friday, January 09, 2009

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Group Sees UFOs Falling to the Sea

UFOs Spotted Off Shore of Anglesey
Reader Submitted Report

     I have to say first of all that I dont believe in "little green men" "martians", etc. Something unusual did happen on Anglesey while living there, it was around ' 99, ' 2001, cant remember the exact time. I have never heard of anyone else saying they saw anything and I would be really interested if anyone else did report sightings.

I was living in Rhosneigr when a friend called to say something unusual was happening in the sky, I jumped in my car and drove to her house to see. There was a very bright light in the sky, nothing like a light from a plane, it kept dimming and then became bright.

We got in the car, 5 of us, and drove to a bay where the lights of the streets would not hinder what we were seeing. Once there we discovered lights moving under the main one in different colours, red and green, there appeared more lights and then they looked like what can only be described as falling to the earth, this was over the sea. All the while this was going on the very bright light was still moving in and out, suddenly once all the lights that had seemed to fall to the earth stopped, the lights from under the bright light starting to dissappear.

The main light then started to move out to sea, not dimming like a normal light but it actually left a glow in the sky. All the while this was going on we never once heard noise like it was planes or helicopters. My husband was in the RAF, a pilot, although he wasn't there at the time, and I described what we had seen and even he could not think what it would have been.

We called the RAF at Valley and they said they had nothing on their radar, I tried to find out if there was an exercise going on in the UK but again I was told nothing was going on.

It would be wonderful to find out what it really was, it has bugged me all these years. I hope I have described it pretty well, it doesnt sound very exciting now and we had no evidence as to what we had seen. We had been told by my friends neighbour that some local police had seen something similar a couple of years earlier. This was nighttime by the way.

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  1. Great share of experience. the picture too can be added to UFO sighting vaults.


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