Wednesday, December 17, 2008

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Witness Recounts UFOs Over Rural Area of Brazil

UFO Seen Over Brazil Country Side
Reader Submitted Report

     My name is Xxxxxx and I live in Brazil. I happened to find your web site totally by chance when looking for pictures of a hard rock British band called UFO, and started looking at photos and texts out of sheer curiosity. Then I saw something that caught my attention and reminded me of an event that occurred in my life over 20 years ago.

It all happened in 1986, if I am not wrong, and I was 16 years old. I was traveling with my parents and uncle in a truck through a road in the countryside of Brazil when we had a small accident and had to stop to assess the damage in the car. While the adults talked adult stuff, I started walking around the complete dark surroundings, amazed at the sky full of stars, and then I saw something curious: among the many tiny and shiny stars I could see above, all colored white and yellowish, there was one that seemed to be a little bigger, rounder and kind of orange in color.

In the very second that realization crossed my mind, three other smaller lights appeared close around it and it started moving forward. It looked like it could be a plane or a helicopter, and that's what my mom said when I pointed it out to her. But then the object started zig-zagging really fast, changing directions randomly. It kept going like that for a few seconds more and then it just completely disappeared.

The lights together gave the impression of a single unit, the three smaller lights covering one half of the bigger round light. I don't remember if it moved forward with the smaller ones in front or in the back, I guess too many years have passed for me to retain such details. I told this story many times for a few years, it was sort of a joke, like "my own UFO moment". Then it just didn't seem to matter anymore and I sort of forgot about it. Until I saw in your blog that other people actually might have seen similar things in different regions of the world and time.

I don't know... I just wanted to share this with you. Post it if you think it is worth any consideration.

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