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MY UFO EXPERIENCE: The Abduction of Chris Bledsoe

Bledsoe Alien
By Chris Bledsoe

Chris Bledsoe     My son and I along with 3 other men were recently shown on the Discovery Channel the new mini Series, "UFOs Over Earth."

The 5 of us had a harrowing experience to where we were all scared to death:

Being tired of fishing just before Dark I took a walk up this narrow woody and muddy dirt road. I walked about a 1/4 mile up to a field and as I topped the hill now being able to see the field to my surprise there were 2 giant orange balls about as big as a 2 story house but round hovering just above the trees appeared to be less than a mile away.

I got scared looked back down the road thinking about running and looked back towards the Orange balls and a Third one came it looked like a million miles away to a stop right beside the other two within about 3 seconds.

At that point the only thing I remember after that is making my way as quick as I could back to the fishing spot on the river to tell the other 4 men what I had saw. To my surprise it was close to 4 hours later and the other 4 men told me that they had been looking for me for at least 3 hours they drove up the road they searched the woods and could not find me and I told them they were not telling the truth but the clock now shows around 10:30 pm.

I walked up the road just before dark in January it was around 5:15 pm when I left. The only way I believed that I was involved in an abduction was that MUFON brought in Doctor Michael O'Connel to do regression and that is all on tape and lasted almost 2 hours.

I could talk for days about the abduction case that has become another ongoing story.

They went out looking for me searching the woods for me and this event was aired on Discovery and they left out so much it is unreal.

The sad thing is they hired a FBI guy to debunk the case.

The MUFON investigators believe us all and will tell anyone that but they seem to want to please the skeptics so they bring in a FBI lie detector guy to pour water on the truth.

This story is in the MUFON Journal and has been in there 4 times.

There is so much that the public has not seen its unreal.


  1. Hi! I'm from Chile(Sorry if my English is not perfect) I'm just watched the programme about Chris and his story and I think is absolutely amazing. I'd like to congratulate this lucky man who was face to face with these lovely and blessed aliens... That's the first time I watch on TV something nice about aliens... I think everyone is so wrong if they think they're coming here to hurt us... WE (humanbeings) are who want to hurt each other all the time... they come from "Heaven"... We could hear Chris when he said (during the session) these aliens were here to help him and they came when he was sad... I think they're all the time with us, they are taking care of us (as Chris said) but we are so deaf and blind that we don't let our hearts feel...As HE said: "Therefore speak I to them in parables; because seeing they see not, and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand" Think about it!

    Congratulations Chris! I believe in your story! You and your family were blessed!

    Aracelly OyarzĂșn

  2. i just watched ufo,s over earth and in particular the chris bledsoe story. this was a very compelling story. i find it very hard to believe that this quiet respectful man would or could conspire to make this up along with his family. to what gain would this be for? this is the best show on the subject i have ever seen. keep this show on tv and this inquiry going! thanks/ doug

  3. I saw the show about the Chris Bledsoe incident and the turmoil it caused his family and life. I watched this show and any shows relateted to ufo's because as a teenager on a hiking trip in the cascade mts. Wa. a group of us were sleeping in the open, no tent, staring at the stars. We were high in the mts.with a lot of snow cover still on the ground sleeping on a dry patch of the mt. It was very dark and it was if we were in heaven as the stars seemed so close and bright. We saw satilites cruising through space, small white dots on a steady course, shooting stars that vanished as quick as you spotted them and of course millions of stars. All of sudden we saw a white dot that looked like a satalite or star, it was in space but it was zig zagging up and down rapidly from left to right for a short time and then it stopped and sat still, within moments a shooting star streaked across the sky but it stopped next to the dot that zig zagged and now there were 2 dots in space, and again another streak shoots at the 2 dots and stops on a dime from shooting star speed to a dead stop in an instance and the three dots sat in a triangle. After a short time of sitting motionless, one after the other, shot into space so fast it was like you saw on star trek show when they went warp speed. Unbelievable from zero to streak speed and gone in a flash. This happened in the spring of 72 and i don't remember the names of kids with me as we were a group of troubled teens thrown together for a hike in Gods country by our councilor who if i remember was Mr. Beard. Anybody who knows me has heard this story and many strangers if the subject comes up, or it comes to mind, during a conversation with them. Some people will relate there own exp. others are quiet and don't say much and i suspect they think i'm full of B.S. ethier way it don't bother me, i know what i saw, and i have nothing to gain by wasting peoples time with B.S. In fact i love to relate my experiance because i got a glimpse of the unknown and i think everyone should be aware that there are things that are unexplainable in the universe. One thing i would like to do is trace down the kids there that nite and recount the nite as we saw it, would there version be exactly the same as i remember or would there be different views i lke to think we all saw the same thing and the way it happened, i remember we all talked about it before we fell asleep. One strange thing i remember is we saw all this on a clear nite, went to sleep and woke up in a cloudy rain storm soaked sleeping bags and cold. Fortunetly the councilors and the rest of the guys built a lean-to shelter and we all crawled in till morn. The reason i rambled this story out was i think Chris Bledsoe got or gets a lot of disrespect because he was involved in the unimanigable. Iv'e never met him but from watching him on t.v. and my own experiance i have no doubt he's telling the truth and appears to be a stand up person, and if you ever get a chance to read this Chris let it be known that you have people that stand behind you and your situation. God Bless All, and keep your eyes to the heavens.gr1958us@aol.com

  4. Chris, saw your story on TV this week, and was surprised that a group like MUFON would put so much faith in "lie detector" technology.

    There's a reason they are not admissable in court, and that is because they are about 60% reliable, or slightly better than flipping a coin.

    Thanks for sharing your story, best wishes to you and your family, I am sure this has been a difficult process.

  5. I doubt there's a more credible witness that Chris Bledsoe. If he was a witness on the witness stand in a murder trial there's no doubt that he would win the case for the side he testifies for. This guy is the real deal. A stand-up gentleman with very big heart, and not a bad bone in his body.

  6. Hey chris. I just listened to yoir veritas interview. It sou ded like you had a lot of questions as to who and what took you. I jave some answers for you. You were taken by beings that are a part of what is know as the galactic federation of light. They are false light. Thats why there was so much fear in your experience up till the point of the oak tree encounter when that being stroked your chakra system. This causes a state of bliss and peaceful tranquility.

    You must check out a man by the name of George Kavassilas. Please listen to his 2008 presentation called our journey and the grand deception. He goes i to great detail as to whats goi g on.. Who we are as souls and where we came from. Just ignore his dates given for events happening. He was manipulated by these same being that you encountered. Tbey feed off oir fear like a drug and were originally a reptilian race who through manipulation of human dna found a way to incarnate i to blond hair blue eyed visually beatiful lookings bei gs but their core beingness is evil to the core. They will mix truth with lies to further their agenda which is getting us to worship and fear them. When the truth is we are the gods and creators who came here with full amnesia to learn to be like the creator of the ligjt frequency univeral creator. We are gods of our own universes who fragment a part of our true self off to go into and experience other universes from where we reside in the multiverse. We are ancient beings trapped here by these fake light beings who need to remember who we truly are.

    Chris.. If this is your blog and you wanna email me.. Plz feel free vaalix@gmail.com

    I may have some truth to impart onto you and maybe shed some light on your situation. I have also gone through some experiemces myself and could share them with you if you wish. I have some ways you can protect yourself and i also have some ways you can learn to know when you are dealing with false light beings.. There are some tell tale signs that give away their true alignment to their actual malevolence..

    Take care my friend.

  7. FBI Archive memo on three ufos that apparently are described as being exactly as Chris described them.. Hmmm..

  8. Anonymous5:04 PM

    No worries. I believe you. Everyone is at one point is taken. It does not matter where you live; or what you're doing. You will be taken against your will. When you are returned, you will have forgotten most, if not all of the experience, and you move on with your life.

    Only the lucky few will remember. Everyone gets abducted; literately everyone on Earth. Technologies these beings use, is time referenced.

    The human brain cannot comprehend time reference; thus causing the experience to be quickly forgotten and perhaps recalled later. Whether if its in dreams or by actions, it is all up to the person to willfully remember.

    The main reason for such abductions, is because they're looking for someone. It takes a very long time to go through the population on Earth. Other reasons are varied per person taken.

    You have to remember; everyone at one point were dead. We were dead before we were born and we will die sometimes in life. Our lives are minute compared to the age of the universe.

    Without a doubt; there are things out there which we cannot comprehend as it's so far beyond. I have noticed a rash increase of such things; perhaps it's getting closer to our true destiny.

    - I am Wiccan Druid - A guide from another world; hosting a human body. Do not fear; these things must take place.

    Thank you for reading.
    Believe it or not.

  9. God bless you Mr. Bledsoe. I totally believe you! The lie detector operator was the obvious liar in this case. Notice when the Mufon guy asked him "how would you summarize the test", as he was considering his answer, he quickly rubbed his nose.... Look it up... rubbing the nose is body language used to disguise a deceitful answer.
    I think it is awful that he would cast doubt on such a sincere person such as yourself and cause you more pain in an already difficult time. Just think how many folks he may have helped wrongly convict by interpreting the machine as he damn well pleased all these years! Maybe Mufon should look into HIS record.

    Best Regards to you and your lovely family,

  10. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Seems very similar in story to FIRE IN THE SKY which was turned into a movie. The man who said he was abducted many years later said he made it up. At the time of the original reporting he was also close to bankruptcy and felt he could get money with the story. Just saying. Also the Loch Ness monster was made up as well. Sorry folks.


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