Friday, November 14, 2008

UFO Spotted During Football Game Near Stephenville Texas, Jets Scrambled To Vicinity!

UFO Over Hico Texas 10-30-08
Hico News Review Publisher

     Sightings of an unidentified flying object made the news across north Texas again last week and several Hico people were among the witnesses this time.

During the junior varsity football game at Tiger Stadium Thursday, Oct. 23, between 8 sophomore Sonny Morrow was running the down marker chains on the visitor side of the field. Looking toward the western sky, suddenly Morrow saw a large object in the sky above and beyond the stadium pressbox. Morrow said it was too dark to see what it was, but it had two rows of orange lights a stationary disc shaped object. “It was dark, but you could see three lights on one side and when they went around you could see the other three lights. It was spinning like a Frisbee,” Morrow said. He watched the object for about seven or eight seconds, then it disappeared.

“It was big and pretty far away. It wasn’t hovering over the stadium or anything, it was pretty far back. This was about in the third quarter some time, because it was already dark.”

Morrow said the referee on the sideline also saw it and asked, “Did you see that?” Then the ref asked, “Did you see that last play?” because both had been fixated on the UFO. “They blew the whistle and I had to change the down marker, and when I looked back up it was gone,” Morrow said. “But a minute or two later it showed up again for a few seconds, then it just disappeared, like it had turned the lights off.” He said he did not hear any engine sounds while watching the object or see any other planes.
Morrow said he couldn’t really draw the object, because it was too dark and all he could see were the lights. He said fellow students Chris Shutters and Justin Kirkland were also working the chains at the game. He said Shutters saw the object, too, but Kirkland did not.

While people in the Hico stands were facing the wrong way, Morrow said the people in the visitors stands were facing the west and many were talking about the object afterward.

Channel 8 television ran a news story on the event last week, quoting several people from the Stephenville and Dublin area and showing an amateur video one witness had shot of a row of lights in the sky. Numerous people in the area also were quoted in newspaper articles about the sightings in the past week.

Air Force officials from the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth said there had been seven F-16s from the 457th fighter squadron in the Brownwood area for training operations on that evening of Oct. 23.

Sightings of the unexplained object came from south of Hico to Stephenville and Dublin. Some reported seeing jets in the area during and soon after the other sighting.

D’Ann Wheeler of Hico said she was about two and a half miles south of town off Hwy. 281 looking to the northwest when she saw the object between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m.

“There were two humongous sets of lights, bright orange. Two sets of lights, vertical like. I mean if you’d put a bar between them it would look like an H,” Wheeler said. “They stayed in one spot. First, I saw six or seven jets, flying in formation. But this thing with two sets of lights was so much larger than any of those aircraft.

“Then all of a sudden, it just vanished,” Wheeler continued. “And all of these jets congregated over in one area. Then, after about 10 minutes, the lights came back on and the jets scrambled back to that site. I watched it for a least minute both times. The lights didn’t fly off. They just disappeared.” Wheeler said a friend also saw the object, but didn’t want to be identified.

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