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Radio Terror Brings Panic in All Areas

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Radio Terror Brings Panic in All Areas - The Daily Times News 10-31-08Radio Terror Brings Panic in All Areas - The Daily Times News (Cont) 10-31-08
By The Daily Times News 10-31-1938


  1. There's a point often overlooked concerning the hysteria the War Of The Worlds broadcast provoked: the context of the times.

    Hitler, for instance, had been openly displaying his expansionist tendencies for quite some time, and only two months before had been effectively handed the disputed Sudetenland region of Czechoslavakia by Chamberlain in the forlorn hope of avoiding war.

    While over in the Far East, Japan was seizing chunks of China and just generally behaving provocatively towards the rest of the world in general and the US in particular.

    The point being, I'm fairly certain a great many of the show's listeners not only twigged Orson Welles' show was an allusion to precisely those events and they threat they posed America; but of those who got caught up in the hysteria, many of them probably believed they were fleeing not from Martians but from German/Japanese invaders, something ignored for political reasons.

  2. Borky,

    Thank you for your input; however, I would argue that this ideology you refer to "hasn't been overlooked"; moreover, a similar mindset has been attributed to Ufology, i.e., "Cold War fears" etc.



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