Friday, August 15, 2008

VIDEO: Was The UFO Filmed Over Los Angeles and Sunriver, Oregon First Seen in San Jose?

By Frank Warren
~ Knowledge is Power ~
© 8-14-08

"They appeared to be triangular pieces of metal"

Recently witnesses have video-taped "a single UFO" over Los Angeles and as faraway as "Sunriver, Oregon" about a week a part . . . or possibly "more then one," seemingly identical in shape, size and color, as well as behavior, and or "flight characteristics" in said local.

With that in mind, it has come to light that there was in fact "another witness" who video-taped a UFO in the skies over San Jose (California) a month earlier (in June) and although this edition doesn't offer up the same "details" as the vids taped in July, there are similarities.

Reports from local media in the Bay Area stated:
"The appearance of at least two fast-moving shining objects in the weekend daytime sky over San Jose has local residents wondering if they were UFOs."
"Bob Lochridge," a local, was the videographer in the event. He declared:
"'They appeared to be triangular pieces of metal,' he said. 'They were up very, very high. I couldn't see them without the camera.'"
The FAA in Fremont claimed nothing unusual on that date and time; official speculation was that it was a "reflection from solar panels of orbiting satellites"; however, if one looks closely, it appears that "the clouds are 'behind' the object!"

If anyone else has witnessed the a fore mentioned accounts, and or seen something similar in your area you may share your account by clicking the following:

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