Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Strange Phenomenon: Sky Goes Black in the UK

Black Sky Phenomenon
By Axzion
ATS Member

     Im in u.k England in a place called Shinewater which is within Eastbourne..

It is now about 9.20am and relativity bright, and the sky just went dark around this area, like night time dark, but no stars or clouds just pitch black...Quite a few people saw this so i'm not hallucinating...My neighbour believes it was a sudden eclipse but wouldn't that make everywhere else dark?

I could clearly see the area known as "The Downs" which is a rough bunch of high hills and it was not dark over there from what i could see.. it seemed like the light within about a .... a mile radius perhaps? just simply went dark, and I could very clearly see The Downs alight with natural light...the downs being quite a relativly high landmark you can see them from quite afar.

This may sound mad but it was like, kinda like...The sky was cracked almost. Like what i was seeing wasn't our was odd and there was a really eerie feeling going on, but i guess that's just human nature when faced with something unknown.

But honestly, it just felt looked like the sky had cracked, im sure someone would've picked this up on there mobile phone or something and cctv, that has to be an option.

I'm gunna try my best to get this in some media format, i'll start with the local herald newspaper and see if i can get this higher because what i saw was not natural well, i for one believe it wasn't natural and i have a probable several 100 witnesses to this...

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  1. Looks like a giant index finger over the top of the lens to me.
    I'm not complaining, I'm sure it is an alien index finger


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