Saturday, August 02, 2008

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: UFO Sighting Rekindles Childhood Abduction Memories

My UFO Experience
Reader Submitted Report

     During the mid 90's we were fishing and stayed overnight on Isle Royal in Lake Superior in October. We were to leave on our charter boat very early in the morning and so were up and ready before light. I stepped out onto a little balcony and looked into the dark sky. I could see Casiopia and a plane very high and a light almost directly overhead. It was flashing red, white green in rotation. I had a most unusual reaction to seeing this light. However, I didn't want to look at the light when I first saw it. I learned the meaning of cringe. i wanted to fall down into a fetal position or something. But I didn't. I made myself look at the light then called to my fishing buddies to come out if they wanted to see an UFO. All said they had never seen such a light before. After a few minutes it just went out. We thought that the show was over but after just a few moments it came on again, still flashing red, green, white, but it had changed its angle and was considerable higher. Wispy trails seemed to come and go from it but we weren't sure.

Some months earlier I had several breakthrough memory fragments that have convinced me that I must have been an abductee as a small child. My reaction at seeing the light in the sky has reenforced my belief in the abduction and that some hidden fear had just been released.

The only other comment on the sighting was that one of my buddies was even more terrified than I had been and didn't really recover until we were back in Thunder Bay.

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