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MY UFO EXPERIENCE: UFO Taped Over Topanga Canyon!

UFO Over Topanga Canyon Still From Video

Reader Submitted Report

     My wife, four year old child and I were swimming in our pool in Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles, yesterday (Saturday July 26 2008) around 4:30-4:45pm when we noticed a large very shiny silver object hovering in one position in the sky to the east of us (from Topanga), possibly over Santa Monica.

It was really strange. We are very familiar with helicopters flying directly overhead in Topanga and planes from LAX, but this was neither. It definitely wasn't a conventional plane or helicopter or blimp (we've seen the Goodyear blimp plenty of times in various places).

I thought it might be a hot air balloon at first, but it appeared to be more of an X shape that rotated, as if a plane with four wings forming a cross were slowly rotating in one position in the sky. It was also larger than I first thought, because we looked at it through binoculars (8x25W; not very powerful), and whereas when we look at planes through those you can see detail, with this it was too far away.

It stayed in roughly the same spot for about 30 minutes, rotating in one place, and we took some video, but it was too far away to be really clear. It was so silver and shiny that I thought it might have lights, but the sun was also really bright, so it may just have been reflecting that. It definitely maneuvered in an unusual way and was able to stay in the same spot. And then, after about 30 minutes of this, it moved off traveling at about the speed of a plane (which again suggests it couldn't have been a hot air balloon) to the south/south-east.

The only possible explanation I could come up with was that it was some kind of promotional stunt, possibly for the X-Files movie, which opened this weekend. It might have been flying over Santa Monica Beach, but even then it seemed too large and too unusual (and too expensive) for a promotional stunt - and if it was a promotion, it didn't achieve any publicity to my knowledge. Also it would have had to be some kind of rotating X towed by a plane, and we could see no evidence of any other craft nearby towing it. Plus the fact that it stayed in one place for so long is almost impossible to achieve with anything other than a helicopter or hot air balloon, I believe, and neither can rotate the way this was rotating.

We called our local NBC TV news department and emailed them our video, but we haven't heard back from them and I can find no other reports of the sighting, which is strange when it was so large and was in broad daylight on a very sunny Saturday afternoon.


  1. Hey!!

    I want to contact the folks who uploaded this video. My girl and I saw the same thing and we have footage here:


  2. Wow. That's very interesting footage... We produced a show about a couple who recently were faced by a bright light in the night sky in Moorpark (which for those not from California, the two communities are fairly close). I wonder if this the same UFO??? We didn't have great actual footage for our Moorpark Lights story, but, it's an interesting coincidence to say the least. What a great post!

  3. Wow... I just completed writing my UFO experience in UFO Hunters discussion board about what I saw over the Santa Monica mountains. Then when I wanted to know the author of the book that I discovered recently about UFO's over Topanga Cyn, I stumbled upon your video. Clearly it wasn't the same thing, but it could've been at night time with about 5 more of those orbs in the sky. This is a strange coincidence how much activity happens in this part of LA.

    This was my post earlier:

    Sup guys!

    I just watched ufo hunters and decided to check out the site. What catches my eye are ufo lights especially when they have triangle formations. Well here's my story...

    Its been awhile, but i believe this event happened around 2000-2001.

    On this night, I was hanging out with my two friends T and V in Canoga Park, which is in the northwest section of LA. We left T's house and walked 3 houses down to my friend V's house. While V went inside his house to get something, T and I were just talking in front at the end of his culdesac. Moments later, we looked up facing south towards the 101 freeway and saw a strange bright pin-point light in the night sky. I was just bewildered at what we were witnessing.

    These lights first appeared one by one making no sound at a very close distance. It morphed into two, then to a total of six lights in a straight line formation spanning a couple blocks. Then the lights formed into two sets of 3 in triangle formations with 1 light on top and 2 on bottom of each set. The two sets of lights started to rotate its position like it was two separate objects. It rotated left so that 2 lights were on top instead of 1, it rotated back, it came back together to form a straight line, and again began to repeat itself. As this went on for about what seemed two minutes, it slowly started to fade one by one. As we just stand there in a trance, 3 lights remained silent in the original triangle formation. Seconds later, I hear coming from a distance, a helicopter appeared in the same form and faded out the lights like it was the helicopter the whole time. It then flew above us and out of sight.

    During the whole entire event, I did not speak to my friend T. After the helicopter started to get closer, we came out of a trance like state and just looked at each other in disbelief and started to speak boisterously about it. My friend V who was on his way out said he heard the commotion we were making. We told him what happened and he questioned it, but he believes that we did see something that night. I'm so glad I wasn't alone!

    When I got home, I looked what I saw up online, but i couldn't find anything. I started to carry a camera with me all the time. A year or so later I looked it up again and found something similar and started to really believe it was occurring all over. I recently discovered a book by Preston Dennett called "UFO's over Topanga Canyon," which is exactly where I would think where the lights were coming from, but I have not read it (that kinda tripped me out.) Until this day, I've heard of numerous accounts on these sightings. I still look for similar sightings on the web especially when it airs on tv. It brings back memories, and I always get shivers down my spine when I see similar sightings.

    I just hope someone from LA, or more specifically the San Fernando Valley reads this and can validate what I saw above the southern hills of the SFV.

  4. My wife and I live in Thousand Oaks, CA not too far from Topanga Canyon. Two days ago on 08/14/2010 (About two years now since your pic was posted to this website) we were in the swimming pool and as I lay there on my back looking up at the sky, I saw two of these same objects! I initially thought they were two stars, but thought it was strange to see stars so early as it was only about 5:30-6:00pm. At this point I did not say anything to my wife, rather I continued to watch while I lay there in the pool. Both objects stayed motionless for a while before one of the objects started moving to the south. I did not think too much about it at first because I'm usually a practical person who believes most things we all see must have some kind of explanation. I went through a process of elimination and it was when I began to run out of answers that I began to think that what I was seeing was not normal. The object in motion traveled relatively slowly compared to passenger jets at such a high altitude. After what seemed to be about 5 minutes, the first object in motion continued moving south after slowing down, speeding up, and making a sudden turn to the west / south-west and then back to the south again. Then the object disappeared from my sight. This was about the time the second object began moving in the same direction also making a few changes in direction. When I thought I had lost sight of the second object my wife and I went to sit in the spa. While scratching my head in disbelief thinking there must be an answer as to what I just saw, something caught my eye. I looked up towards the east and sure enough it was one of the same objects slowly moving across the sky to the north as if it had made a u turn from it's original position. The object seemed to be much bigger and lower in the sky towards to horizon. I pointed out the object to my wife and she thought it was very strange, but being the s sceptic she is, she had the same questions I had at first. At least I know my eyes were not playing tricks on me and what we saw was REAL!

    After heading in I Immediately got online to research. To my amazement, I found many Pic's and videos of the same objects. I found yours today and decided I had to share with someone. I can kick myself for not running in to grab my camera, but I was so glued to the objects I wanted no distraction or chance of loosing sight of them. It seems many people have witnessed these same kind of objects in this area so I will always be carrying my camera or iphone now to snap a pic or video if I see it again. Something tells me there is a good chance I will...and I hope soon!

    P.S. If anyone reads this and saw the same think on the date my wife and I obsearved this, please post what you saw. Also, if anyone has a logical explanation as to what these "balls of light" or "star-like objects" may be, please do share.

    Although this was a ufo to my wife and I because it was unidentified, this may not be a "ufo" to someone else. Are these objects something our military are researching? I or we may never know, but regardless nothing that I know of in existance today looks or moves like these objects do.

  5. Follow up with Pic and Video of Bright White Object in Thousand Oaks, CA!!!

    This is a follow up to my previous post on August 17th 2010 in regards to my wife and I observing a strange unidentified object in the skies over Thousand Oaks, CA. I almost can’t believe this myself, but in my previous post I stated (something along the lines as...), "I have a feeling I may see these objects again in this area considering what seems to be busy activity around this area." Well, exactly one week to the day my wife and I saw the same type of object again in the North sky during the day at 12:00 noon that was heading North-East. The best part about this experience is that I now have video and pictures of it!!! Well, I guess I don’t need to "kick myself for not having a camera and taking a pic" this time! Also, something strange happened when I downloaded the pics of the object. When I zoomed into the object, I noticed many more of these strange "Balls of light" type objects. After my experience observing these things and finding so many other videos and pictures of the same types of objects online from all over the world, I am convinced this is something that is extraterrestrial in origin. There is just too much evidence to dispute it otherwise. Interesting considering just a few weeks ago I was more of a skeptic than anything. Again, if anybody else in the area saw this, please share.

    I will try to figure out how to post the pictures and video on this website for all to see.


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