Monday, July 07, 2008

Public are in Denial Over UFOs, Says Investigator

See No Evil
By Steve Bagnall
The Daily Post

     MARGARET Fry has never doubted that beings from outer space visit the Earth, nor the existence of UFOs, ever since she says she saw one with her own eyes 53 years ago this month.

She has been investigating reported sightings and incidents, and trying to persuade the sceptics in our midst for the past 30 years that they are very real.

The veteran investigator and co-founder of the Welsh Fellowship of Independent Ufologists, and a grandmother of nine from Abergele, accepts it’s a difficult task. But she is at a loss to understand how so many appear to be in denial about the issue.

“People are not taking it at all seriously, as far as I can make out. Not until they see something, and then they have to consider the possibilities.

“Some people read about it as an interesting phenomenon and then forget about it. I don’t now how, really, because we’re being visited by beings from various planetary systems in outer space. How people can’t take an interest in that, I just don’t know.”

Wales has long been a hot-bed of reported UFO activity, way before the recent reported buzzing of a police helicopter above Cardiff by an unidentified craft made headlines worldwide.

But Margaret Fry isn’t impressed by claims that alien life forms are taking a particular interest in Wales. She insists that Welsh airspace only seems more active because the country has more dedicated ufologists compared to most other places.

“It’s because you’ve got one damned good UFO investigator talking to you,” she tells me. “We’re a group of people who’ve gone out of our way to get UFO reports, and maybe they’re not as strong in other places.”

The most famous UFO incident in Wales was the one dubbed the “Welsh Roswell” reported to have taken place on the Berwyn mountain near Bala in 1974. Locals reported seeing strange lights on the mountain, amid reports of a huge bang, with the police and military immediately sealing off the area.

Mrs Fry has spent hours investigating the incident down the years, and says that reports of an object crashing into the mountain are at variance with the evidence she’s garnered.

“I’ve been investigating it since 1979, talking to the farming community. As far as I know, we have no evidence whatsoever of anything ever crashing there that night. But dozens of witnesses have told us they saw a craft sitting on the ridge known as Cefn Coch.

“The other thing we have evidence of is that it hovered in the sky for a long time and came down gradually. Therefore it wasn’t a meteor, and came down deliberately rather than crashing. It stayed on the ground for an hour and a quarter before taking off again, and it was seen by the villagers in Llandyrnog. They definitely saw something that wasn’t a conventional craft.

“There was a meteorite shower that night, but it came from the north east side of the mountain, and would therefore have had to do a U-turn to crash on the west side as some reports say, which is quite impossible. We found this out, but nobody’s ever written about it.”

Her first encounter with a UFO was a well-reported incident in her native Bexleyheath in London, a seminal moment in her life that set her on a life-long pursuit of the truth.

“It wasn’t just one UFO that landed at noon on July 17 1955, but two, They landed three or four streets apart. One was in Bexleyheath, King Harold’s Way. All the people came out of their houses. There most have been at least 170 people standing around this thing.”

While governments hold huge files on UFOs and reported alien visits, Margaret has her own theories as to why they prefer to keep their public in the dark.

“It would affect people’s thinking, and religious doctrines and cause panic. I don’t think we have anything to worry about at the moment. So far, none of these craft have been aggressive, but how are we to know?”

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