Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Noted Ufologist 'Robert Hastings', Expresses Dismay at the Public Narcosis Regarding UFO Sightings at Military Installations!

UFO Watching Missile Launch
Press Release

Editor's note: Esteemed Ufologist, Robert Hastings appeared on "Larry King Live" Friday night with information and eyewitnesses which revealed evidence of UFOs affecting military bases that housed nuclear missiles; in essence rendering the "launch capability" of the defense system inoperable directly impacting the National Security of the United States.

Robert Hastings     Robert Hastings says he is disappointed that there hasn't been more chatter on the Internet about the important disclosures on the Larry King show Friday night--regarding ongoing UFO activity at U.S. and Russian nuclear weapons sites.

He says, "Maybe everyone in America was at the Batman movie and didn't watch the show. If so, a transcript of it is available here There was a lot that didn't get covered, due to lack of time. For example, I was going to ask all former and retired USAF personnel who were involved in one of the nuclear weapons incidents to contact me at my website,"

Hastings continues, "I had also intended to say to the viewing audience, 'Just so you know, I am ashamed that President Bush is from planet Earth. Top that, Natalie [of the Dixie Chicks]!"

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