Monday, May 19, 2008

NBC UFO Show: "Zero-Based Journalism & Zero Progress"

By Vince White

     There are two primary possibilities that can account for the wretched shameful excuse for real journalism, that the NBC Dateline special aired on 5-18-08 on 10 UFO cases can represent. Either causation is damning and reflects a colossal failure of standards and practices of real journalism.

An explanation is an indictment. If the news story was a real and sincere attempt to get the truth on UFOs the entire staff should be either fired with investigation into hiring practices or the current editor find another line of work, such as reporting professional wrestling.

Why when the reporting topic is UFOs and strange lights in the sky, that a high majority of journalists mind and usual due diligence, fly out the window or fall to the ground?

Why when UFOs are discussed a strange new form of zero-based journalism does occur? Previous UFO research from books, or a hundred analogical cases, or numerous prior instances that are building blocks of the current cases vanish.. Previous decades largely disappear, a broader context is missing.

Imagine a mathematics class, where one kept going over and over, and over, the first few pages, on real numbers, rational, irrational, and every time every days lesson was the essentially the same as the previous days. The class iterated over and over that a number was, and operation's on those numbers, even on the two hundredths attempt never got past one plus one or the associative or commutative laws.

This simplifies the journalist process immensely, since virtually no history is laid out. Such as looking into the evidence that there was a small fleet of specially equipped OV-10 acrobatic very quiet small observation aircraft that were based at Steward AFB and that this operation was logistically related to CIA Operations Was this related to an attempt to add noise to the UFO signal? What about the convenient timely appearance of this fleet after big delta incidents?

Were there flares dropped after UFOs appeared? Is this a watch the "flare'' birdies decoy operation?

At this rate we'll be stuck in this same futile circular and mockery of real journalism - ten years from now.

When is a serious national security beat reporter going to truly bite into this, seeing the magnitude of the event and activity and corpus of evidence.

One that will fight for resources and priority and when this goes up the management and ownership chain, there is one owner somewhere at a network, major news magazine cable giant, that has courage plus and will say "the evidence merits a full court press, that we will bet the company on busting this, all go flat out, enlisting added reporters on a large heavy hitter team.

They could do more in a month than all the UFO specials shown for the last thirty years. Because no one has got serious a about this yet. SERIOUS enough to take on the government (s ) itself. And a team with the mental power to recognize that any disclosure that happens from inside will be a cynical spin and ploy to say a great deal about very limited hangout, combined with a attack and smear on UFO researchers themselves. 'That these two objectives coupled together, the attack on credibility of the research community, while sacrificing a few secrets to insulate and limit what truly sensitive subjects they do not wish to reveal.

Where is the great spotlight of examination on the skeptics, when for example Mr. Shirmer consistently avoids solid cases of extraordinary corroborative power; such as simultaneous ground and air, visual and radar and camera records and no one presses him to the wall on this?

Zero-based reporting is for specials like the just aired NBC Special which had a lot of production money poured into it, lots of glitz and gloss of wrapping, but almost empty inside.

Forget the spooky music, flying many to on site video interviews at the sighting locations, and go through some real reporting diligence and reconstruct the larger picture and immense congruent patterns of serious witnesses.

And for reporter's and reputation's sake bring out that incredible video that is canned and sequestered in high secure locked rooms at the networks and cable giants.

Time for the first real special on UFOs, it will take 3 hours to present and have a lot of investigative reporters, some sources voices disguised and in dark outline. This special will have the office water cooler boiling over with hot rhetoric and say things that will have the nation finally demanding that the owners claim ownership. That we the owners fire the agendas by unelected elites who every one put their pants on one leg at a time and if they can handle the big busy good bad and ugly galaxy, so can we,

Meanwhile the team that produced that monstrosity on Dateline need to apologize and perhaps find different work, maybe checking the dogcatcher to see if he or she is getting free Krispy Creme doughnuts.

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  1. It's funny that of the three "experts" touted on the Dateline Web site only one, Jim Oberg, could really qualify for the title. The other two are self-promoters who get air time because the media doesn't want to do any heavy lifting for a piece on UFOs.

    Actually, with the horrors in Asia over the past weeks, NBC's decisision to go with this content is indicative of how little real journalism takes place at the network. Like it or not, UFO stories usually are filler in a slow news week. Hardly the case, here.

    Anyway, it's human nature to ridicule and laugh at things that scare or overwhelm us to rob them of some of their power. Perhaps, all of these snide UFO pieces are really admissions that there is something really happening that mankind can't explain or control.


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