Monday, May 12, 2008

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Phoenix Lights Witness Breaks His Silence

Phoenix UFO 2

Reader Submitted Report
[Names Redacted]

". . . when they started moving towards me, I turned to run . . ."

     I not only witnessed the 3/13/97 "Mass Sighting" from the time the formation of orange orb's were hovering just to the southeast of Sky Harbor at about the same altitude as the transmission towers on South Mountain. I could see lights from the city in the background, so I could tell it was not a solid object, but individual vessels that resembled 9 round, orange and red flowing lava lamps floating in formation silently and gracefully as it parrallelled South Mntn due west, then turned south as it went behind the range as I lost sight of it orb by orb as it turned south towards Tucson. Timespan of my sighting was 15-20 mins, time was about 8:30 until about 8:50.

I was working as every eve for 18 yrs, for XXX @ xxxxxx & xxxxxx in s. tempe. although they were never closer to me than 8 mi, when they started moving towards me, I turned to run, but they were only making a u-turn so I calmed down and continued watching. I felt that they knew I was watching, and they knew me.

For some reason I never really talked about that night, not until last year when the 10 yr aniv hype started up, and from then on I havn't been able to get the them out of my head. Last sat eve. I talked my 13 year old daughter into sitting on my roof with binoc's for about an hour, because I told her they were coming back real soon. I was fixated on one area, and wouldn't even hardly look elsewherer. I kept telling my daughter that they will be to the left of Camelback Mtn. (due north of my house also in s. tempe).

48 hrs later (mon night) the news shows the same kind of lights... the same spot I knew they would be seen 2 nights earlier. My daughter freaked out when she found out.

I've told my story in great detail to Dr. Lynne by e-mail, also reported it to MUFON, and one other site that I can't think of now, but I've never gotten so much as a reply from any. Jerry Pippin asked me to do a live interview on his show, and I asked him what kind of show he had... before that, I'd never heard of him, he never did follow up and tell me any details, so it's like nobody is interested in what I know to be true. They are coming back real soon for all to see and deal with. This is something I'm sure of. I'm wondering the same thing as you are... WHAT HAPPENED TO THE INVESTIGATION????? I am so far, a willing witness but the time for pondering is almost over.....


  1. Rest assured that there is a meticulous investigation underway.

    Your input is very much appreciated and we sincerely apologize for the delay in getting back to you, but I am still in the process of personally returning hundreds of email inquiries concerning this latest sighting.

    In fact, by weeks end, we should be resolving your concerns, as we will be posting a link on the website that will compile sighting reports such as yours in a thorough, professional, and timely manner. Please check it out.

    Thank you again for your kind interest and for sharing. We look forward to hearing from you again!

    Light and love,
    Dr. Lynne
    Lynne D. Kitei, M.D.
    Executive Producer, The Phoenix Lights Project
    CEO, Health Education Learning Programs

  2. Hi to the witness. My name is Joseph Capp I have a Non-Commercial BLog "UFO Media Matters" that is dedicated to the courage of the witnesses of UFOs I am a witness. As far as MUFON goes they are overwhelmed. There is a two year waiting list on varifying UFO photos. But I understand your frustration. I started a UFO meeting and MUFON couldn't show up, 3 times. All MUFON are volunteers many of them are retired so they can give the time some, or not. He had to work when they told him to work and not much notice.
    So hang in there and maybe more people will volunteer to help. Of course if you want to some one to write to my email is
    Thanks For Coming Forward.
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog


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