Thursday, May 15, 2008

McMinnville, Oregon: 9th Annual UFO Festival!

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     On May 16 and 17, 2008, McMenamins hosts the 9th Annual UFO Festival! Our keynote speaker is Richard Dolan, author of a 500-page study entitled UFOs and the National Security State (vol. 1, with vol. 2 to be released this year) and frequent guest on the History Channel, Sci Fi Channel, the BBC and other European networks.

We are equally as pleased to host Robert Nichol, a producer and filmmaker with Genesis Communications based in British Columbia, Canada, for a Saturday morning screening of his documentary Star Dreams about the mystery of crop circles, followed by questions from the audience. The film deals with the many possibilities of how these beautiful crop circles are created (more than 11,000 have been reported all over the world since 1980) and what they might signify, with commentary by top-rated ufology experts. Nichol is an award-winning director, producer and filmmaker with 25 productions to his credit. His motivation is to encourage the development of a new spiritual consciousness while seeking to bring about a new awareness for humanity’s purpose. Go to for additional information on the documentary and the filmmaker.

While overnight packages at Hotel Oregon are now SOLD OUT, go to the McMinnville Downtown Association for a list of local accommodations.

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About the UFO Festival

The festival began as a way to honor the famous 1950 Trent sighting in which two local citizens witnessed and photographed a UFO, said to be some of the most credible images of UFOs to date. Read a detailed history of the Trent sightings. Thanks to everyone who attended McMenamins Hotel Oregon's 8th Annual UFO Festival in 2007, the second largest in the U.S. and growing! Guests enjoyed a speaker's forum featuring alien abduction expert Dr. David M. Jacobs who discussed his research with people who believe they have had abduction experiences. Our second guest, noted UFO expert and best-selling author Peter Robbins, detailed the story of James Forrestal, the nation's first Secretary of Defense who, some say, knew too much about the UFO threat and met an untimely end.

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