Saturday, May 03, 2008

Is UFO a Flying Human?

UFO Woman-Like Figure (A)
By The Sun

SENSATIONAL sightings of a flying HUMAN above the skies of Mexico could be genuine, says a paranormal expert.

     The mysterious woman-like figure was caught on camera as it hovered above mountains in Nuevo Leon city.

UFO watchers said the figure appeared to be wearing a cape leading to claims that it was a witch or wizard when it was first seen in 2006.

Now Mexico’s leading Ufologist Anna Luisa Cid says the sightings were true after carrying out her own investigations.

UFO Woman-Like Figure (B)
She said: I think that the possibility is there. An imaginary object is not recorded on film, nor it produces over 40 witnesses.�

Nuevo Leon UFO club managed to film the spooky flying character.

And policeman Leonardo Samaniego also claimed a floating person had dropped out of the sky and landed on his bonnet.

Ms Cid told the website: In conclusion, from my professional point of view, both cases are real.

From officer Samaniego’s experience to the UFO club’s video. I do not believe the entity to be a witch, but I do know that it is something that we cannot explain.

UFO Woman-Like Figure (C)

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