Saturday, April 05, 2008

Stephenville Lights Reporter, Angelia Joiner in The UFO Spotlight

Angelia Joiner
Area woman garners fame since seeing UFO

By Jane Pratt

     STEPHENVILLE -- Garnering international attention was the last thing on Angelia Joiner's mind when she interviewed Steve Allen on Jan. 8 and reported on UFO sightings in Erath County in the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.

But today, she still receives 30 to 40 e-mails daily from all over the world about the sightings, and she will be the guest speaker at two conferences on UFO's during the month of April.

Joiner will join eight other speakers during the 20th Annual Ozark UFO Conference that meets April 11-13 in Eureka Springs, Ark. Then, the next week, she will fly to Washington, D.C., where she will make a presentation during the Paradigm Research Group's conference from April 18-20.

The Ozark UFO Conference is an independent activity not affiliated with any local of national UFO organization that promotes information on UFO-related topics.

The Paradigm Research Group was established in 1996 by Stephen Bennett, a political activist and consultant. The group's Web site states that the purpose of the group is to promote ways to stop the government-imposed embargo on facts "surrounding extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race."

The title of Joiner's presentation is "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of UFO Reporting."

Joiner said the "good" part of UFO reporting is the number of new people she has met and old friendships that have been renewed when people she had lost touch with contacted her after seeing her on national television or reading about her in newspapers or on the Internet.

She said an artist who has designed T-shirts and special edition art cards is going to Washington to meet with her and television producer and journalist Linda Moulton Howe. She said some of the "bad" is simply trying to answer all the e-mail she receives.

She did not elaborate on the "ugly."

Steve Allen had started a Web site about the local UFO sightings but stepped up his efforts after Joiner left the local paper.

"He wanted me to have a place to write," Joiner said. "The first day Stephenville Lights went on line was Feb. 10."

The site,, carries stories from Joiner and other writers who have an interest in UFO sightings. It also advertises T-shirts and special edition art cards designed by artist Mark Medford of Maine.

"This has been a real education," Joiner said. "Before I was pretty passive about UFOs. If I saw something on TV, I would think it was interesting, but I really didn't pay much attention. Now I have the UFO bug."

She does not know what the future holds for her. "Who knows? I may write a book," she said.

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  1. I believe it is Stephen Bassett, not Bennet. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Richard Lalancette


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