Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Orbs Over Phoenix

UFOs Photographed Over Arizona 4-21-08 (C Enh Frmd)
By Mike Fortson
© 4-22-08

Mike Fortson (C Sml)     I woke up this morning like so many in this great state of Arizona to find out that we had another “visit” last night. By “visit”, I mean sightings of “strange, out of the ordinary lights.” To my knowledge there have been no reports of structure or the word craft used, only red orbs.

On every news page in the Valley of the Sun there are photos and videos of the four red “orbs” seen over various parts of the Valley. And of course there are hundreds of postings of what it was or wasn’t. Just now on Channel 3 Phoenix, Dr Lynne, the self-proclaimed guru of the March 13, 1997, massive sightings, claimed the red orbs as intelligent and just by coincidence they appeared the day before the release of her new DVD, The Phoenix Lights Documentary, the 11th anniversary edition. Are you kidding? Yeah right, Doc, that’s why they appeared last night, it’s the new DVD going on sale at a UfO shop near you.

By making this claim, Dr Lynne has left no opening for an intelligent explanation for the lights. What if it were a hoax? After all, we who talk and investigate these lights know very well of known hoaxers in the north valley. Bragging, self-proclaimed hoaxers who intentionally try to get attention just like this. This being said, Dr Lynne, how can you claim on television these lights as “intelligent” and “just so happens the day before my DVD is released!” Now that’s really sticking your neck out there without PROOF!

I agree that the red orbs seen last night were illegal as far as FAA flight standards. There was no port light, no strobe, only the red lights. Thus, this would be a federal violation. I agree also that this could be a secret military project maybe testing the power of observation of the unknowing public. And I also agree that it’s possible that they were “visitors”. I also leave the door open for a possible hoax.

But before I make that claim I want more proof. I want to talk with witnesses. I want to talk to the ones who were under the lights. I want to talk with the ones closest to it before I make a claim, “that they were here because my DVD is being released!” Pleeeeze!

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