Tuesday, April 15, 2008

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Witness Spots UFO From Window of Jet Airliner

Flying Saucer Spotted Near La Guardia
Reader Submitted Report

     This past Friday, April 11, 2007, I was in route to North Carolina for my best friend's wedding. I was coming in from La Guardia airport and about 5 minutes before we started to make our decent to land, I looked outside the window to my left and in the distance to the right of the left wing I saw something very peculiar. When I saw it, it automatically reminded me of the round silver batteries that you put in watches or small games. The object was between 500 to 700 feet beneath us headed east toward a clutter of dark clouds. I witnessed this craft between the length of 15 and 20 seconds. It disappeared under the wing of the Delta jet I was flying and when we passed the line I thought the vehicle was going, I didn't see it anymore.

I didn't want to alarm anyone else to this object, nor did I want anyone to panic because I knew it wasn't a plane. It was round and it was spinning counter clockwise but it was going in a perfect line. I didn't think to grab my camera phone and take a photo of it. I was stuck in my seat until I couldn't see that object anymore.

I've recently started doing research on UFO's about 4 months ago and I believe that they are all over the place in our atmosphere. I was a little skeptical about what I watched on T.V. or what I viewed on YouTube, but seeing this object with my own eyes has confirmed my suspicion that these things are real!!!

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