Wednesday, April 09, 2008

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Huge V-Shaped Craft, Low and Slow Spotted While Driving

V-Shaped UFO Over Car in Vegas
Reader Submitted Report

"It was FREAKING huge!"
     I am a 42 year-old single mother of two kids living with my mother and stepfather. My whole family for the most part is former military. My mother, father, brother, and I, were born into the military, just for a little background.

My brother, who is 38 now, and I were leaving Vegas after taking care of our father's personal effects after he committed suicide (he did that on Oct. 2, and we went out there about a week later - we lived far away) at the Excalibur. He was a Vietnam Veteran. I was living in Alaska and my brother was living in Florida at the time. We had flown to our uncle's in California, who drove us out to Vegas, but my brother and I were driving back to our uncle's house in California in our father's car that was released to us.

We had just gotten on the highway when I noticed all the stars at the top of the windshield had disappeared. I then noticed there was a sharp edge to that phenomenon...meaning I could see stars on one side of nothing in a straight line. When I looked up and out getting closer to the windshield, I could see white lights, and as this "thing" glided over the car from left to right and front to rear, I could see it more and more out the passenger window. It was FREAKING huge.

The lights were set one at each corner. Now, I have always believed there were extraterrestrial phenomena, or UFO's at the very least, but I'd never seen anything until that night. I had heard of black triangles the size of football fields, but didn't believe it completely until I saw that one. It was just awe striking.

I begged my brother to stop and look so I'd have a witness to the sight, but he refused to stop, claiming he was scared to stop on a busy highway at night (it really wasn't that busy, but ok.) My brother was Air Force at that time, although I'm not sure what kind of bearing that had on why he wouldn't stop so we could see it together, but I still hate that he didn't stop.

I watched until we and the UFO had moved too far apart for me to look back and see it anymore. But it was LOW. I mean, I felt like it was maybe 100 ft at most above us, and that's just a rough guess, naturally. I could see that it was actually out over part of the edge of the city as it moved away.

No one can tell me these things don't exist, and with so many sightings, the government must think people are pretty stupid to keep pretending. I mean, when it's gliding right the heck over you, there's no denying that, no matter how much they want people to keep being ostriches in the sand. I'm sick to death of that game. But I saw it - I am not given to hallucinations or making things up. I saw what I saw and no one can take that from me. I know the truth, even if no one wants to come out and say what the heck is going on. These things are REAL. Plain and simple.

The story of the Patrolman that saw one on the highway with the truck drivers really struck me. I wonder if I'd been singed if we'd stopped along the highway, because this thing passed right over us. I'll never know, thanks to my stubborn (but probably smarter than me) brother.

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