Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Was It a UFO Above Corpus Christi Skies?

Was It a UFO Above Corpus Christi Skies
By Kiiitv.com

     He doesn't want to be identified because he says he doesn't want to draw attention to himself.

What this man does want is to share what he saw.

"It got to the point to where it got a little closer and that's when I got a little bit more nervous," says the man who brought us this video, what he calls a UFO.

The active duty military man captured it on his cell phone.

The video may not seem intimidating but it certainly is different. The image looks like a white, glowing spot moving around. At first we were definitely skeptical.

Is it a UFO? It could have been anything.

But then, we went back and looked at the video captured by residents in Stephenville and look for yourself. There are some similarities.
Both objects move back and forth and from side to side in the same way

"It got to the point that it was close enough that one of my Chihuahuas saw it and he was trying to take care of me and just started to bark and when he started to bark that's when the light started to do that weird movement."

The man spotted this object Saturday night just outside his home on the corner of Holly and Everhart. He says it lingered in the skies for about 15 minutes.

"Were you scared?"

"Yes because I was by myself. I may be a dude but I ain't dumb. I don't know if it was instinct and not trying to be seen, maybe I've watched too many movies, i don't know."

Too many movies or not, this man wanted to share the video with us to see if anyone else also spotted this object in the sky.

He says he's shared it with family and some friends and they all say that's definitely not a plane, satellite or shooting star.

"Yeah it made me feel like I'm not nuts or maybe I wasn't the only one that saw it."

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