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1887 Report: Georgia Doctor Says Fallen UFO is Blue Metallic Sphere with Pictures and Writings

By The Quincy Daily Whig

Editor's Note--The following newspaper article is from July 23, 1887; it describes a Georgia doctor witnessing what he initially believes to be a meteor crashing to earth; after retrieving it he discovers it is a perfectly round, polished, blue metallic sphere with pictures and strange writing on it.

It is presumed by the witness, a doctor, that the object is extraterrestrial . . . but could it be man-made?

If life on this planet advanced "in the past" (before a global disaster wiped them out) in a similar path as it has in more recent history, is it possible that our ancestors launched satellites into orbit as we are doing today? Is what this man found in 1887, a satellite that became the victim of a decaying orbit?

There are other historic articles similar to this one, as well as one describing a "compartmented craft" . . . an ancient "space station" perhaps?--FW

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A Visitor From Space - The Quincy Daily Whig 7-23-1887

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  1. From Buchanan's Journal of Man, October 1887 Volume 1, Number 9
    (available on-line at Project Gutenberg)

    A GRAND AEROLITE.--The _Galt Gazette_ (California) describes the fall of a meteor in that vicinity, witnessed by Dr. Goodspeed, which fell in a slough and so heated the water as to kill the catfish that inhabited it. It lies in the pond, and looks as if a hundred feet wide. A much more marvellous story has been published of an engraved meteoric stone falling in an obscure portion of Georgia near Clayton
    Court-house, which is a hoax, and has been so pronounced by the
    postmaster at Clayton.

    Whether the California story is true I have not ascertained, but the fall of a great meteor in this region has developed a grand meteoric capacity for lying. The despatch first published by the _Boston Herald_ described the stone as falling near McAdam Junction, not far from Bangor, Maine, making the crockery rattle at the Junction, and plunging into the earth all but about ten feet of the stone, which was so hot that no one could come within fifty yards of it. It has not been found at all, for it dropped into the Bay of Fundy; but it illuminated the whole country for a vast distance, and looked as large as the moon. It had a long trailing violet light behind it as it fell. Our meteoric showers generally occur in August, this was on the 15th of September.


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