Friday, March 21, 2008

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Ex-Army Signal Intelligence Analyst Says, 'UFO Was Not Made Here!'

My UFO Experience
Reader Submitted Report

     Sir; I would think that every person who tells you his ufo story believes that is a bit strange or unbelievable, I am not much different.

I went to work for greyhound bus lines in 2000 as a driver, and in late 2001 I was working out of Las Vegas. The Federal rules state that a bus driver can't drive over 10 hours a day, and a lv to la run and back is just too tight of a schedule for a 10 hour day of driving. What happens is this Greyhound "cushions" it drivers back to their home terminal ( they get 1/2 pay and ride a bus back home).

I was "cushioning" on a bus from la back to lv and I noticed a silver disk right about at the I-10 and I-15 intersection at about 4-5000 feet in altitude! I used to carry a pair of binoculars with me in my overnight bag, and I broke them out and got a good look at the craft. (It was early afternoon and the sky was clear).....The disk in my estimation was 50ft in diameter and rock steady. It had a peculiar addition to what most people think of a flying saucer type shape, the only way I can describe it verbally is that it had what I consider to be a "saxophone shaped bell-horn projecting down upon itself! (the bell-horn's neck started narrow and increased in diameter like a saxophone, and it projected right over the middle of the disk approx 10f above the disk itself).

I got a sharp clear view of this for approx 5-8 minutes until the bus made the turn to north on I-15. (I followed the disk from my vantage point inside the bus through the windows, and it was only untill the bus was at a 180degree position was I unable to view it!......................................

Sir, I am an ex-army signal intell analyst, I used to have a top secret clearance, ( tssi) I know the difference between a blimp, balloon, helicopter, dirigible, p-47,c47,707,747,f14,f16,f18,b1,b2, and just about everything in between!!!...........

There were no marker lights, no red-green navigation lights, no lettering, no beacon lights, nothing!

This was not made here.

If, it were a blimp on a tether, it would bob and drift with the winds, this did not, (especially with the areodynamics of a flatish disk)!!!!!!

I used to a skeptical type that poo-pooed this type of stuff as a bunch of b.s. Not anymore, I have to believe what I saw, and nowdays I always keep both my eyes and mind open.

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  1. Fascinating and thought-provoking report. Thank you for sharing.


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