Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Did The UFO That Was Filmed Over Pasco, Florida Appear Over Sacramento, CA as Well?

Drawing of UFO Over Sacramento (Enlrgd)
Pasco UFO
Pasco UFO
Just saw a UFO over Sacramento...

By Diplomat
ATS Forum Member

Editor's Note-After reviewing the "Pasco video" numerous times, the image had a ring of familiarity to it,and then I recalled this report by an ATS forum member using the handle of "Diplomat." Is this the same craft seen on opposing coasts 6 weeks apart?
     I had just left school this evening and went to the corner store to pick up some drinks because my friend and I are going to watch the re-run of the debate later tonight. So as I am driving home from the store, I see these really weird lights moving along. At first I figured it must be a plane or helicopter since both are constantly flying around over Sacramento.

The movement of the object I saw was similar to that of an airplane, but it did not look like any airplane at night that I have ever seen (and I watch the skies a lot). There were only 4 lights. 3 smaller lights aligned above a larger light which was blinking. Below is a quick sketch I drew of what I saw.

Other than having very weird lights, the main thing that made me think this was not a conventional aircraft was because it completely disappeared (or turned off all of the lights) right in front of me as I watched it. I had just got to the driveway of my apartments, so I quickly pulled over to watch the object. As I watched it slide across the sky it suddenly was completely gone, and never came back into my view... just gone... poof... as if someone turned it off or something.

Did anyone else see this thing?

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