Monday, February 11, 2008

Housewife: I Saw UFO Out of Bedroom Window

UFOs Over Northampton
By The Northamptom Chronicle & Echo

Bright lights which interrupted a quiet night in have convinced a Northampton housewife that they could have been a UFO.
     Yvonne Underwood, 51, contacted the Chronicle & Echo after bright lights flashed outside her Turnberry Lane bedroom in Collingtree Park, Northampton on the evening of Sunday, February 3.

She said: "My husband and I had gone to bed to watch Calendar Girls and then at about 9.30pm I saw these bright lights outside my window which looks directly on to the golf course.

"I jumped to the window to look out but they had gone. The strangest thing was there was no noise at all, so it couldn't have been a plane or a helicopter.

"There was no sign of anything there so I went to the
front of the house and looked out the balcony door. Occasionally you get four wheel drives out but it wasn't like that."

She said: "I thought I should let somebody know. I've never seen anything like that before, absolutely not. We regularly get police helicopters overhead but this was nothing like that.

"I was really frightened. When I went to the balcony my hands were shaking."

Mrs Underwood was so shocked by her experience that she even asked a policeman if he knew anything about it in Tesco the following day.

She added: "I just saw this policeman and thought I should ask if there had been any other sightings. I think he just thought I was a nutter or something."

Recently released Ministry of Defence Documents have revealed 27 UFO sightings in the county during the last decade, but an MOD spokeswoman said there had been no other reports of sightings in recent months.

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