Friday, February 08, 2008

Flood of Calls Over UFO

Orange UFO
By Fenland Citizen

     STRANGE lights and saucer-shapes spotted in the skies over Fenland have prompted dozens of calls to the Citizen's newsdesk this week.
Last week we reported how Alison Hunt, of Cherry Road, Wisbech, had noticed an orange glow above her while she was in her garden at 9.20pm on Wednesday, January 30.

Mrs Hunt was left mystified by the glowing light, which she described as being about the size of a full moon.

After her story appeared many readers contacted the Citizen to say they have also seen strange lights.

One reader said she saw something at 8.15am that day falling from the sky.

The reader, who lives in Leverington, said the object was in the Sutton Road direction but was too far away to see clearly.

"I had the door open in my house and I looked up in the sky and it was like something falling from the sky. It was very quick - too quick for an aeroplane," said the reader.

Among the first to ring in was Colin Coulson, who believes the answer to the mystery lies not in a far-flung galaxy but much closer to home.

He thinks what everyone saw was a hot air balloon. He spotted the strange light as he was travelling home from Peterborough along the A47.

Mr Coulson said he followed the light and realised it was probably a hot air balloon. He explained the strange glow would be created by the burner used to heat up the air.

"The burner would be turned on and light up to heat the air and then it would be turned off - that would explain how the light suddenly disappeared," said Mr Coulson.

Martin Brown, from Walpole St Andrew, spotted the lights and said they were 'definitely an awesome sight - definitely unusual'.

But he believed the lights could have been from a jet fighter as they appeared to be over the Wash area.

He described seeing bright flashes of light and wondered if they had been caused by a pilot ejecting from his aircraft.

Wisbech taxi driver Glenn Rowett said he was travelling back from Wisbech St Mary when he saw the strange lights that left 'as quickly as they came.'

He later spoke to a colleague who said he had pulled over by the side of the road to try to hear anything. But he couldn't hear anything, so the pair ruled out a plane or a helicopter.

Another woman, from March, who didn't want to be named, spotted the lights slightly earlier in the evening at around 7.30pm as she travelled home from Whittlesey via the Turves Road.

At first she thought they might be lights from the March GER football ground, but she realised they were too high for that.

She said there was initially just one light, then a second appeared and she thought it could be a plane turning. Then a third white light appeared and she realised it was something else, but she didn't know what.

Wisbech St Mary man Richard Young was also bemused about what he saw and his daughter thought he was seeing things, too.

"I thought it was a helicopter, but then I thought no it's not that because the lights split into three. Then it shot off like a shooting star", he said.

Amy Parish and her partner Andrew Hill thought they were seeing things when they spotted an orangey light as they drove home from Peterborough at around 9.15pm.

"I was looking out of the car window and spotted three lights very close together. They were too close together to be an aeroplane.

"Then there was an orangey light and then it just disappeared - I looked at my partner and said did you see that," said Miss Parish.

"We both knew it wasn't a plane, and we hadn't seen anything like it and we came to the conclusion it had to be a UFO - it was out of this world."

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