Friday, January 25, 2008

Stephenville UFOs: Was the Air Force Protecting 'The Presidential Ranch?'

Stephenville Aviation Chart (Crpd)
By Don Ledger

Don Ledger (Sml)     I am beginning to suspect that the reason for the jets eing in the area was due to concerns about these anomalies being within 20 miles of the restricted airspace surrounding the Bush ranch.

The edge of the restricted zone designated as Class D airspace is only about 16 miles southeast of the center of Stephenville. Pilot Davis's sighting was about halfway between Stephenville and the northwestern arc of the Class D airspace in Selden. In the center of that circular airspace is a 4-5 nautical mile circle designated prohibited airspace. The outer circle is 60 nautical miles [69 statute miles] in diameter centered on the ranch.

In effect this prohibited area is scant minutes away from the sightings areas.

The launching of F-16s into the areas outside the MOA Military Operational Area] southwest of Stephenville now makes sense as do the hamfisted attempts to cover up the presence of F-16s in the area. I would be surprised if military assets were not tasked to that area if they suddenly had unknowns showing up on their radar and near such a sensitive area. This need not be because of a UFO event but some unknown "aircraft" suspected of - and being treated as - terrorist in nature.

What puzzles me is this. It is no secret that the Bush ranch is close-by, how come the press never picked up on this? I had no idea that this was the case until I saw it on Joel's scan of the air chart. I can be excused living 4,000 miles away in Nova Scotia but where are the local newspapers in this from Dallas for example.

Dallas-Fort Worth Air Traffic Control (Dallas TRACON) would have been well aware of the F-16s since they came from that field and which should have been squawking military Transponder Codes southwest of their field for safety's sake.

Anyway It has me wondering if the reason for the fibbing about the F-16 presence wasn't more to do about concerns about the anomalies violating the airspaces I mentioned above.


  1. Great stuff! I've seen UFOs 3 times...

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  2. The Bush ranch isn't the only thing the press is ignoring. Where were the witnesses that said they saw the F-16's chasing after this mysterious UFO? Not a word on Larry King concerning this aspect but a mention of 8 F-16's on a "training" mission were the actual UFO in question. The lady who said 5 witnesses at her house know what they saw wasn't a jet fighter.

  3. Typical government/Air Force response. Deny the existance of a UFO and ridicule the reporter. If that doesn't work. Give any explaination, no matter how far-fetched, then ignore the fall out.
    Works every time.


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