Monday, December 24, 2007

Strange Lights Seen in Night Sky

UFOs Near San Diego

     Residents in Oceanside and Point Loma called to ask about mysterious lights that appeared in the sky at sunset Saturday. Both men reported two parallel orange lights that appeared for three or four minutes. One said the lights moved from north to west, then went straight up and disappeared.

San Diego police weren't aware of the incident. Neither were spokesmen for the Navy Region Southwest office, the Coast Guard or Harbor Police. The Federal Aviation Administration referred a call to the National UFO Reporting Center in Washington state.

Peter Davenport, director of the UFO-spotting organization, said Sunday that based on limited information provided by a reporter, he believed the lights were "almost certainly not a UFO." Davenport said the lights were likely contrails - vapor and condensation trails - behind a high-altitude jet, illuminated at an angle by the setting sun. But "it's one of about 10 million possibilities," he said.

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