Saturday, December 22, 2007

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Witness Spots UFO Hovering While Driving

UFO Seen Through Sunroof
Reader Submitted Report

     In 1981 we were driving north on Lighthouse Point Drive toward Deerfield Beach FL.
My 1970 VW Bug had a sunroof which was open.

Just before we reached 10th Street in Deerfield on top of the last bridge I spotted a light through the sunroof in the sky which was changing colors, these colors did not conform to standard aircraft lights.

After pulling over on top of this bridge my friend Benny and I watched this object for about 10 minutes.

It was stationary at first changing colors from red, green, blue, purple, orange, yellow.

Then it started moving back and forth and the colors got brighter, as the back and forth motion increased in speed the object was putting out white light.
Then it shot away at an angle of about 30% to the right and up. It was moving very fast to the point where it became invisable, probably moving faster than the speed of light.

When we arrived at Deerfield Beach the people on the beach were in a total panic state because the object which we had seen was directly over their position on the beach.

This sighting was confirmed to myself many years later by several individuals who had also seen it.

Years later, Newyears 2002-2003 I saw the exact same type of object changing colors, but this time it was traveling from north to south over Pioneer Plantation to the west of Clewiston FL at about 2:30AM.

It was traveling at a steady rate of speed and kept changing colors as it moved out of sight to the south.

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