Friday, November 09, 2007

UFOs Photographed in Carvoeiro

UFOs Over Carvoeiro
UFOs Sighted in Carvoeiro

The Portugal Resident

SIX UNIDENTIFIED flying objects (UFOs) were sighted and photographed on Tuesday night (November 6) around 11pm by a local resident in Carvoeiro.
     Robert Wilkinson, owner of a bar in Carvoeiro, told The Resident: “There were six orange glowing orbs in the sky at around 11pm. These were moving horizontally across the sky in the same direction, when suddenly one changed direction and the other five followed it before disappearing somewhere above the sea”.

Robert Wilkinson said that the distance of the orbs in the sky and their actual size was very difficult to judge, but he was certain that they were moving horizontally and not falling with gravity. The whole episode lasted approximately two minutes.

“I took photographs of the objects because they were unexplainable and silent,” said Robert Wilkinson, adding “I am certain they were not related to fire works or weather balloons”.

The camera used by Robert Wilkinson to photograph the UFO’s was a Sony Cybershot DSC N1 digital camera with a 3x optical zoom.

A spokesman from the Portuguese Air Force said: “We as a military force and government entity do not have a specific department to deal with these sightings. Our radars are only equipped to detect aircraft that enter our airspace but nothing abnormal has been reported within the last 24 hours”. She also said that no reported sighting had reached the Air Force related with the Algarve that night.

Luís Aparício, Director of the Associação de Pesquisa OVNI, the Portuguese UFO association, told The Resident: “UFOs are very common along the Algarve coast, especially between Cape St Vicent and Sines. Fishermen report many sightings of UFOs in the area”.

Luís Aparício also said that many objects disappear in land especially around Odiáxere, which is believed to have something underground that attracts UFOs.

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  1. Anonymous7:05 AM

    In 2006? at nightfall, me and my girlfriend saw two orange balls like these, flying slowly and silently over the horizon. The sun had set and the sky had a dark-blue color, but there was no airplane shape visible in front of the orbs. The two orbs were flying East-West, and we were some 100km north of Lisbon (400km from Algarve). It was the only situation I can remember that was closer to a UFO. For me and my girlfriend, we were seeing the glow of the afterburners from Portuguese Airforce F16's. The only strange thing: it was not totally dark but no airplane was visible, and there was no sound from the F16 jets (I've seen several already, and they all make noise).


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