Saturday, November 10, 2007

Police Claim to Have Seen a UFO and 4 Extraterrestrials

Flying Saucer & Aliens On Rural Road
By La Voz Del Pueblo

[Note--This is a very "rough translation that may contain errors--FW]

The police were conducting routine patrols on rural roads. The sightseeing was from the van. The hombrecillos were of small stature. Bracamonte and Orellano were paralyzed before the strange occurrence. Residents of the camps and a couple that was on the road witnessed the phenomenon with similar characteristics

     The emergence of a strange unidentified flying object, preceded by a light-colored white envelope and watching four beings strangers near Irene, from Colonel Dorrego, took to the locals speculate about their origin.

It happened last Wednesday to 1.30 in the morning, when two police officers from the subcomisaría Middle traveled the rural area near Irene, precisely on the property of neighbor Felipe Fernandez. Then occurred an unexplained episode left amazed Luis Bracamonte, first lieutenant in the Middle cash and Osvaldo Orellano, lieutenant in the same unit. These were in a routine procedure when last one and a half hours to midnight, Orellano was dropped from Mobile to perform reconnaissance, while Bracamonte remained in the van.

Three hombrecillos small

"At that time, I was carrying a card on my cell phone so I stayed in the vehicle. As I watched the phone in my hand, I see a small light, as a pickup truck that was approaching but in a matter of moments the light became bigger as if it were a big truck and gray that was already very close. No. I was disturbed to see that vision but ten meters a figure that was moving and the first, I thought it was a dog ... but when I was a well - as silhouette of a man of about 80 centimeters, with a large head, prominent eyes and a gray-green color. wanted then dialing the cell of my colleague who was out but when framework on 1, and 5 my hand remains static. I see this vehicle or craft leaving three beings, two equal to the first and fourth appearance of a little more robust, "said Bracamonte without giving rise to doubts in her story.

The police further stated that "the time my partner was seeing the same thing that I shouted 'what happens', and at one point was climbed four hombrecitos again this ship and it went moving raudamente northward, scattering a white light that was extinguished slowly leaving a green halo and a strong smell of sulfur or gunpowder, making a noise like a thunder. "

A large white light

Consulted lieutenant James Walter, in charge of the checkpoint Aparicio, added to the story as fact Bracamonte, while he patrolled a few kilometers from Irene alongside the police officer Walter Carabajal between 1 and 2 o'clock in the morning on Wednesday lived a similar experience. "We were going to Descalzi Nicolas Aparicio in a routine procedure when we look at a large white light that seemed to envelop, then stops the van and atino call by the cell but did not sign. Carabajal My friend asked me to look up and then we saw a powerful light that seems to stop on the van and disappear, like a flash, "said Walter telephone who was reported minutes after the first lieutenant Damian Sandoval, owner of the East who was patrolling in the area from the lagoon Turk, far away and said he had seen nothing unusual. When did the same with Bracamonte, agreed part of the facts and details of the experience that is inexplicable for men.

Orellano, the companion Bracamonte, acknowledged that the situation was odd but lived than at any time repents having witnessed the event. "When I went to the van Bracamonte was silent, with the hand immobilized by an unknown reason. During two hours had a problem with the view that made their eyes lloraran, but failed to higher."

A strange glow

Also, several neighbors in the Middle endorse those of the police claiming to have seen at the time mentioned a strange glow envelope in the direction of Irene and Aparicio. A marriage Marisol traveling to the East at the time in question, observed a light in the direction of Irene that encircled from behind, and may not be confused with a lightning which caused them curious. In addition, rural workers in the area agreed on the appearance of the glow that finds no explanation and generated speculation among neighbors puzzled.

At least a dozen residents of the town heard about two in the morning on Wednesday, a roar that sobresaltó, despertándolos. However, there was no apparent cause of their origin. Today, listening to the testimony of the emergence of beings unidentified coincides with those of the policemen.

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