Saturday, November 24, 2007

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: "The Entire Neighborhood Had Observed a HUGE, Silent Craft Hovering Over Our Apartment Buildings!"

UFO Over Saint-Denis France
By Reader Submitted Report

     I'd like to know why this wasn't made public in March, 2002:

I'm an American residing permanently in France. About 7:50 pm CET, my husband and I were on our way to a movie in March, 2002, in Saint-Denis, France, a near-suburb of Paris. We watched some UFOs in the night sky for about ten minutes, then went in to see the movie, which we'd very much wanted to see and had waited for. After the movie we checked, and the UFOs were gone, but we'd seen what we'd seen, and discussed it at length.

The next day, I asked some neighbors and shopkeepers in the vicinity if they'd seen anything, and they sure had! For about 45 minutes, around the same time exactly that we'd seen a spectacular display from town center, the entire neighborhood had observed a HUGE, silent craft hovering over our apartment buildings! It was very low, and enormous, and the neighbors were pretty disturbed by it, as it was clearly something "not of this Earth," or not typical in any way.

What my husband and I saw was a big yellow ball of light, quite clear, about a kilometer away, which was periodically visited by smaller balls of light, which joined up with it then shot away, then returned a few minutes later. "The Mother Ship," if you will, joined by little "shuttle ships." These craft darted about in ways and at speeds not normal for ordinary craft, and we'd never seen such a thing before. For us, it was not a frightening experience, just kind of magical and mysterious, and a LOT of people must have seen this! I wish we'd seen the silent hovering craft over our block of apartment towers, but then again, hearing how frightened and disturbed my neighbors were, perhaps it's just as well we didn't. Several hundred people saw this, and of course, it didn't make the news at all, and should have.

A friend in New York City recently had a spectacular daytime sighting, and is utterly disgusted that not a word of this got into the media, when clearly, thousands of people must have seen the event.

Why so hush-hush? It's really a shame.

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