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Walter Haut, Roswell and a Whole Lotta Questions

Haut More Questions
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Dennis Balthaser (Sml 2)     During the past eight years I have written several editorials accentuating the importance of verifying and confirming information pertaining to the subject of UFOs. The recently released affidavit signed by Walter Haut in 2002, first made public this summer in Don Schmitt and Tom Carey’s book is no exception, and it appears that as verification and confirmation is attempted about the affidavit, more questions are being raised than answered.

A few things are now known, and by Don Schmitt’s own admission on the “Paracast radio show” recently, we have learned that Walter Haut did not write the affidavit he signed in 2002, but rather it was prepared for his signature based on comments and remarks Haut had made over a period of time to Schmitt, Carey and others. (Editor’s note: After denying any involvement in the Roswell Incident for 55 years except for writing the now famous newspaper article of July 8, 1947, why wasn’t Walter Haut reading, approving and signing such an important document video taped for historical value?)

By their own admission publicly, we know that neither Schmitt nor Carey were present when Walter supposedly signed the affidavit, and the witnesses last name on the 2002 document is not shown, preventing any opportunity for verifying what that person witnessed. Additionally we know that the verbiage, content and style of writing in the 2002 affidavit is totally different from the 1993 affidavit Haut wrote, in which he denied any involvement. The 1993 affidavit was witnessed by Max Littell, one of the co-founders of the UFO Museum in Roswell, which included Walter Haut, Max Littell and Glenn Dennis.

We also know that the oral history videotape of Walter Haut done on November 15, 2000 and copyrighted by Wendy Connors and myself shows a man that couldn’t remember where he took basic training, names, dates, etc., while the 2002 affidavit is very detailed and precise with information Haut could accurately remember 2 years after he was video taped. Under constant questioning by Wendy Connors during the video interview in 2000, Walter did agree to several points mentioned in the 2002 affidavit such as seeing a body, a meeting in Roswell with General Ramey and Colonel DuBose present, leaving me with the impression of not knowing if he was still trying to cover-up what he knew during our video taping, or actually couldn’t remember. All quite different than the 2002 written affidavit.

Also known is the fact that less than 24 hours after Walter Haut passed away, Wendy Connors and I both received a written letter from Walter’s daughter (the current Director of the UFO Museum in Roswell), threatening us that we could not now, or ever share any of the information we gathered in our copyrighted 2000 video interview of Walter, nor talk about any conversations we ever had with him. Many of those conversations occurred privately with Walter on a daily basis while I volunteered at the Museum from 1996 – 1998, before the current Director took “power”. Obviously the 2000 video tape shows Walter as a totally different person than the one represented in the 2002 written affidavit, and we now know that he didn’t write the affidavit, nor are we able at this time to determine under what conditions it was signed.

The alleged meeting in Roswell with General Ramey, Colonel DuBose, Base Commander Colonel Blanchard, Intelligence Officer Major Marcel and Public Relations Officer Walter Haut, and others is of utmost importance to the research of the Roswell Incident. If in fact such a meeting occurred, why was it necessary for Major Marcel to fly debris from Roswell to General Ramey’s office in Ft Worth, since they had all handled the debris in the meeting and apparently set up the cover-up operation?

Recently on an Internet UFO list, Don Schmitt accused Wendy Connors and I of “crossing the line” when we did the video interview with Walter in 2000. Schmitt said, “that Walter was never told in advance that we would ever touch on the subject of Roswell”. Of the hundreds, perhaps thousands of researchers and media personnel that have interviewed Walter Haut over the years, not one has not asked Walter about the Roswell Incident, due mainly to Walter having written the July 8, 1947 press release, and being a first-hand witness.

Don Schmitt needs to retract that statement because at the beginning of the videotape, details of what the interview would involve were explained to Walter to his satisfaction. He was informed on camera that the tapes would not be sold by Wendy or I, (the museum could sell them if they chose to), however Wendy and I would use the information for our research and share the videos with serious researchers. Additionally 10 copies of the interview were given to Walter’s daughter for the family. Most importantly, Walter’s daughter was asked to review and approve a 6 page written agenda Wendy and I prepared for the interview, which she did and in fact added some questions about her Father for us to ask during the interview. I have a copy of the written agenda with a note that she had seen the agenda, so we didn’t “cross the line” as Schmitt has accused us of.

If in fact Walter’s comments about going to the crash site(s), seeing a body, being in on the meeting in Roswell at the base, etc., are true as stated in the affidavit, Walter was a part of the cover-up, and basically maintained his silence for 55 years, until 2002. Walter idolized his boss Colonel Blanchard as he personally shared many stories with me over the years, and on the videotape, about his relationship with him. Walter was a dedicated soldier as most, if not all were that were involved with the Roswell Incident. They had a job to do and did it well. Keeping secrets was their prime responsibility, lest we not forget that these were the same guys that ended WWII by dropping the atomic bombs on Japan.

What remains for us researchers is as stated in the beginning of this editorial---verifying and confirming information:

Were General Ramey and Colonel DuBose from 8th Army-Air Force headquarters in Ft Worth Texas, in Roswell for a meeting about the crash?

Which of Walter Haut’s statements are correct; the 1993 affidavit, the 2000 oral history video tape, or the 2002 affidavit?

Why were Wendy Connors and I threatened about releasing any information about the videotape we did, when apparently Schmitt and Carey were allowed to publish the 2002 affidavit with the approval of Walter Haut’s daughter and the UFO Museum?

Why wasn’t the affidavit released after Walter’s death in December 2005, instead of in conjunction with the 60th anniversary of the Roswell Incident this past July?

Why didn’t Schmitt and Carey or the UFO Museum include original Roswell researcher Stanton Friedman in obtaining or releasing the affidavit?

As with most everything related to the Roswell Incident, more answers are needed. In the case of Walter Haut’s affidavit we have some more information to work with, and will search for the truth in finding the answers.

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  1. Dear Mr. Balthaser,
    Maybe we should bring down the tone a little and listen to what Julie Shuster WalterHauts daughter has to say. As printed and signed in the Sept 07 MUFON Jounel: "My father Walter G Haut, discussed with Don Schmitt over a nuber of years, both in person and on the phone, with my knowlege and the knowlege of my father...My father was confortable with these discussions, since he knew at that time nothing would be made public. His confidenitality was honered(by Don Schmitt)...
    When the discussion of an sign affidvit was brought up, my father agreed allow Don to put it in writing the information that was discussed...emailed to me....
    Once it was received at the musium my fther and I verbally discussed each and every sentince. We both had copies. With each sentence, I asked him if the information was correct, or if there was anything that would be changed. A couple of times he read and re-read a few sentences before giving me an answer. When we had completed reading the information, I left both copies of the statment with hi and went to my own office. This allowed him to review the information with no one around and no interference. When I went back into the office, we went over it again point by point, to make sure of any changes, corrections, or deletions.He said he did not want to make any changes...
    I called the Museum notary bublic to the office and I also asked a visitor to come in as a witness both signed each copy...
    If my father , myself, my family, or the Museum were looking to benifi any of us, let me be clear about how it came to light. We did not push it or premote it in anyway. The statement was quietly released in a book written by people my father and I trust...If there was a benfit to be gained then the July festival would have been time to make a big splash... My parent were never in any of this for profit or publicity, both of which they could have had for the asking any time my father would have made his statement public... (neighbor who knew the Hauts for many years)
    "If Walter Haut said it happened, then it happened."
    Julie continues:
    "So to the UFO field researchers
    stating facts they know nothing about...ENOUGH!
    That is putting it kindly Mrs Shuster but good for you.

    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters


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