Friday, September 21, 2007

MY UFO EXPERIENCE: Airplane Passenger Recounts Recent UFO Sighting In Route To LAX

UFO Seen Through Plane Window
Reader Submitted Report

     While flying home from the east coast Sept 13, 2007 approx. 6:30pm pt I saw out of the right side of the airplane an extremely bright white light in the distance.

We were 1 1/2 hrs from landing at LAX so I am not sure where we were at dusk but the light was so unusual. I pointed it out to my Dad who was with me, I am not a child, 51.

The man behind me noticed it also and when I showed Dad he said he had been watching also. We eventually passed it out to the side of us and what seemed the same altitude. As we passed it over a 15 min. timeframe, it began to turn orange and was in a shape of a hot air balloon. It seemed to look like a balloon on fire hovering over this small patch of lights on the ground, a very small town if that.

After passing it, the object began to turn white again and got smaller and smaller until I couldn't see it. As we approached it over a 15 min timeframe the light was bright and slowly turned orange but the shape and brightness was the same but as we passed it and pulled away the light disentagrated in the same amount of time or less.

I mentioned it to the flight attendant, she looked at it and was just as amazed as I was. She said to ask the pilot about it when we land. There is NO WAY he could not have seen it. It was so close and bright. When I asked him about it, he said he didn't see anything. That tells me he knew something. Otherwise he would have said he saw it and didn't know what it could be.

I will never know but I do think I saw something unusual that was not from here. It was too high for a balloon, a rocket would have moved, and it was too low for a

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  1. The object in the illustration is exactly the same shape as an object I saw as a child, which scared the heck out of me. Even the description - like a hot air balloon on fire - perfectly fits what I saw. It was January 2nd, 1978 - I remember the date so well as I was 12 at the time, and January 2nd is my mother's birthday. I woke up a couple of hours before daybreak, and looked out of the window - the curtains were open. My window overlooked a field. There was a line of trees at the top of the field, and more fields beyond. Just in front of the trees, were some electricity wires running between a few poles. There was a large pole at my 12 o'clock position, about 150-200 metres away.

    As I lay in bed, I saw a bright orange, balloon-shaped object, hanging in the sky, to the right of the electricity pole. As there was frost on the lower portion of my window, I just thought I was seeing the moon, distorted through the ice. When I sat up, ready to go and fetch a glass of water, I was looking through clear, undistorted glass, and realized the huge orange thing was still there. It suddenly seemed to expand - I've no idea whether it moved closer, or simply grew in size. It was at that point that my 12 year old nerve broke, and I hid under the bedclothes until daylight, never daring to look out until I heard the rest of the household moving. The object had disappeared by that time. This incident occurred in a rural area of south-west Wales, UK. I've no idea if anyone else saw it.


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