Monday, September 24, 2007

Celebrations Planned for 40th Anniversary of UFO Sighting

USO Emerging From Ocean
By Carla Allen
The Vanguard

Forty years ago on Oct. 4, 1967, RCMP officers responded to a report of a crash landing of an unidentified object near Shag Harbour. They observed a pale yellow light bobbing on the surface for a while before it sank.
     Government documents detailing the event said not a trace of the crash object was found.

The event continues to fascinate many today. To celebrate the anniversary, a newly formed society has organized the Lighthouse & UFO's 40th Anniversary of the Shag Harbour Incident.

Cindy Nickerson is the chair of the Shag Harbour Incident Society, a group formed last fall to work towards the construction of a permanent site for the display the history of Shag Harbour, including the UFO incident.

The society’s temporary museum is located opposite R & D Nickerson Fisheries Ltd. in Shag Harbour and has received close to 1250 visitors since opening in mid-June.

Nickerson says people are already inquiring about the UFO weekend.

“We had some people from Dartmouth, Halifax and the Valley asking about it,” she said.

The schedule is as follows:

Friday, Oct. 5:

10 a.m. UFO museum opens as usual. Local coral and fossil expert Derek Jones will have a display at the Shag Harbour Community Hall. His corals have been featured on a postage stamp.

4 p.m. Buffet supper at the Shag Harbour/Bear Point Fire Hall. Local dishes - $6 adult and $3 for 12 and under.

7 p.m. UFO talks at Shag Harbour/Bear Point Fire Hall. $5 adult, $2.50 12 and under. Local witnesses Norman Smith, Laurie Wickens, David Cvet a Toronto UFO researcher and diver, Don Ledger author and UFO researcher.

Ledger co-authored the book, Dark Object, and also wrote Flying Triangles, Swissair Down, and Maritime UFO Files. He has written other articles that have been translated into other languages and been a guest on several TV and radio programs. Society members recognize him as an expert on the Shag Harbour incident.

Saturday, Oct. 6

7 a.m. Lighthouse breakfast $5 adult, $2.50 child at the Shag Harbour/Bear Point Fire Hall

9 a.m. Collectables sale at the Shag Harbour Community Hall. Includes Avon bottles, dishes etc.

10:30 a.m. Norman Smith will lead a guided tour from ERMES to gazebo. Ledger will meet the group at gazebo. Smith will tell what he saw in ’67.

12:30 p.m. Local expert on Seal Island Ronnie Kenney will talk about life on this remote island.

2 p.m. Ledger will give a talk on UFOs at the Shag Harbour/Bear Point Fire Hall.

The above three events cost $5 adult or $2.50 child.

11:30 a.m. The Bon Portage General Store will be selling lunch. Lobster chowder, sandwiches etc.

An author from British Columbia, C. Anne Degrace will be attending the festival. She is working on a fiction book featuring Shag Harbour. Other Shag Harbour Incident Society members will be presenting talks on UFOs.

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